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University Degree: Homer

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  1. Odysseus, An Egotistical Cretan. Odysseus tells Athena, whom he believes is a shepherd, a false account, of how he came to Ithaca, primarily since he needs to keep his identity a secret, familiarize himself with the situation on Ithaca and formulate a pl

    Athena is masquerading as a young man, a shepherd "...like a King's son, all delicately made." and is holding a hunting lance (Fitzgerald Book 13, Page 237, Line 282). From this physical appearance alone Odysseus first knows he is not a lord or royalty as he is a shepherd and obviously would not be out dressing as a shepherd if he were royal or wealthy. He also knows that the shepherd is most likely going to know the immediate area fairly well since he probably lives and tends animals in the region.

    • Word count: 1298
  2. A simile Homer uses twice, the first time to describe Paris, the second time to describe Hektor. In what ways in its immediate context is each use of this simile appropriate to the character and the situation it is illuminating?

    It is clear throughout the poem, when comparing Paris and Hektor, that the ideals, morals and attitudes of one brother is an almost complete contradiction to that of the other brother. Where Hektor is the Warrior, forever bound by the 'hero's code'; by duty and honor, Paris is the Lover, bound only by his own wants and needs, by his vanity and his love for Helen. These differences in personal values are arguable the main sources of the tension and resentment that flourishes between the brothers throughout the progress of 'The Iliad'.

    • Word count: 1430
  3. Review of The Odyssey by Homer.

    The idea of s****l promiscuity in The Odyssey creates an unfair double standard between its male and female characters. The difference of accepted s****l behavior between gods and goddesses is exemplified in an angry speech given to the gods by the goddess Calypso. When Hermes informs her that the prisoner Odysseus must return home, Calypso becomes frustrated. Oh you vile gods, in jealousy supernal! You hate it when we choose to lie with men - immortal flesh by some dear mortal side... Then Demeter of the tasseled tresses yielded to Iasion, mingling and making love in a furrow three times plowed; but Zeus found out and killed him with a white-hot thunderbolt (Homer 5.124).

    • Word count: 1026
  4. Two Visits to the Underworld 750 Years Apart: The Odyssey and the Aeneid.

    Now I have a greater appreciation of Virgil's achievement as a great poet, perhaps greater than Homer. I also have a greater appreciation of Homer as a dramatist and master storyteller. Before Odysseus' visit to the underworld, Circe tells Odysseus that the only way he can return home is if he "takes a strange way round and come to the cold home of Death and pale Persephone (p.182)." Odysseus weeps and becomes severely depressed "with no desire to see daylight more" at this suggestion.

    • Word count: 1678
  5. Hecuba: Queen of Troy.

    Hector is standing, waiting for his fate while watching the mightiest warrior of Greece running at full speed towards him. He knows he may not survive this battle, but he is overtaken by grief and anger. At this moment Hector knows he will kill Achilles, or Achilles will kill him, and nothing, not even the gods can change that. And surely, if the gods cannot stop this battle from happening, neither can Hectors mother, while she stands at the top of the walls of Troy, beside her husband, weeping.

    • Word count: 1284
  6. The Simpsons Analysis.

    Throughout its first 100 episodes, The Simpsons has attracted many celebrity guest voices. These famous guest voices include people such as, Elizabeth Taylor, Paul McCartney, Michelle Pfeiffer, Johnny Carson, Bette Midler, Winona Ryder, Danny DeVito, Glenn Close, The Smashing Pumpkins and Bob Hope. These are just a sample of the wide range of guest voice appearances that have been heard throughout The Simpsons running life. The Simpsons over there last 16 seasons have won many other things than just the hearts and minds of American viewers.

    • Word count: 1329
  7. The Lion King: A Hero's Journey.

    He even takes his best friend and future guide, Nala with him to a graveyard where he is not allowed to see what is there. His father discovers him and tells him not to go looking for trouble because it can be very dangerous (The Lion King). Simba's call is then completed when Scar, his uncle, and the hyenas force him to leave Pride Rock from the death of Mufasa, his father. Simba is thought to have killed his father from Scar, and is haunted by it for a great deal of his life.

    • Word count: 1379
  8. Compare and contrast the theme of "fathers and sons" as depicted in the Bible, The Odyssey, and The Aeneid.

    In "The Odyssey" we see Odysseus' son Telemachus who never really knew his father but knew of his father. For almost his entire life Telemachus has only heard great stories of his father, by those that admired Odysseus and also those that wish him dead (the suitors). This can present a warped view of a person that becomes exaggerated and almost Godly in itself. Telemachus wants so badly to be a great warrior and a great man like that of his father but more than anything I think he wishes just to see him again and to have him around

    • Word count: 1960
  9. Path To Freedom

    The underdogs were uncivilized human beings their behaviour was appalling, they were very unhygienic, ruthless, unforgiving and insane people. Kirk had no family and he was fired from work, this was exceptionally upsetting for Kirk. Without thinking, he went to the group centre this was a gigantic glass building where the president held all his conferences, Kirk protested against the laws using violence, he was armed with a gun and aimed for the president but missed and shot one of the president's guards.

    • Word count: 1172

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