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University Degree: As You Like It

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  1. Is the Forest of Arden a Place of Liberation?

    Shakespeare uses this convention in other plays such as 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' to emphasise the contrast between different worlds. Apart from it being a fashionable form, the pastoral was a subtle way to make careful political comment about the current situation with a degree of safety. By 1599 when 'As You Like It' was probably first performed, Queen Elizabeth I was old and without an heir and the previous settled political situation was looking more insecure. Critical comments about the regime were likely to end in imprisonment or even execution, therefore Shakespeare sets his play in an area unlikely to be linked to the London court scene.

    • Word count: 1663
  2. Discuss the treatment of love in As You Like It, illustrating your argument with detailed reference to the text

    Rosalind lacks then the love Which teacheth thee that thou and I am one. The love between Rosalind and Celia is a close devotional love that is non-physical. Celia sees herself and Rosalind as one when Rosalind is banished and therefore believes herself banished also. Her love for Rosalind is deeper than her love for her father whom she willingly leaves behind. The alias she chooses also emphasises the removal from her father as Aliena means "alien, other, outcast, alien from her father" (Sowerby, York Notes Advanced, p23). The non-s****l love between Adam and Orlando reinforces the concept of same gender, non-s****l love between two characters.

    • Word count: 1554
  3. The concept of love at first sight in Shakespeare's comedies.

    Another Shakespearean comedy that is full of irrational characters falling in love instantly is As You Like It. Orlando and Oliver are particular foolish and over the top about their feelings towards Rosalind and Aliena. Orlando becomes a typical romantic fool when he meets and falls in love with Rosalind; just after they meet he declares, 'What passions hangs these weights upon my tongue? / I cannot speak to her, yet she urg'd conference' (AYLI, I.II). He claims that he will die without Rosalind and writes sappy poetry which cover the trees of the Forest of Arden. Yet at the same time, he claims to not understand his brother's instantaneous love: 'Is't possible, that on so little acquaintance you should like her?

    • Word count: 1470

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