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University Degree: As You Like It

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  1. Final Messiah.

    Join me...and you shall be saved. Stand in my path and face my vengeance. For I am.....The Final Messiah. (music continues. Suddenly the doorbell rings. The music stops immediately cutting out of tune. The lights suddenly come back to normal and we see the stage. FM takes off his mask and puts on spectacles, a T-shirt. He looks like a different person- somewhat geeky, cowardly, worrying young man who looks older than his years. His voice also sound different slightly stammering- like Woody Allen's. The Stage: It is obvious that this is somebody's appartment but everything has a spartna air about it.

    • Word count: 2105
  2. A love story -composed as a play.

    (in a small classroom, Zhang li and Chen shan sit together, there are talking something. Liu jiang sit beside them alone. Zhao ming come into the classroom and try to find a place to sit. He stair at that two girls for a quite lone time. Then he sit with Liu jiang, his new friend) Zhao ming: hi good morning Liu jiang, have you benn here for a long time? Liu jiang: No, just a few minutes. Class will begin in 10 minutes. How are you today? Ming: Fine thank you! Hi, do you know those two girls sit in front of us?

    • Word count: 2133

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