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University Degree: Twelfth Night

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  1. twelfth night analysus

    "The honourable lady of the house, which is she?"[3] enquires Viola as Cesario, not wanting to "cast away her speech" [4] that "was excellently well penned"[5] on someone of no significance. In doing so she draws attention to the fallacy of her conventional compliments in addition offending Olivia by not recognising her, or pretending not to recognise her, who in turn refuses to confirm that she is the lady, furthermore proceeding to complain about Cesario, "being saucy at my gate."

    • Word count: 1878
  2. How far can the ending of Twelfth Night be said to mark a re-imposition of orthodoxy?

    Viola can be considered throughout the play as being a character that is not limited by the boundaries of gender and instead exists between the confines placed upon either gender1. It is her obscuring these boundaries through which progression of the play, and the actions of herself and other characters are enabled to form. In the creation of character that spends nearly the entirety of the play dressed in the form of the opposite s*x to the character itself Shakespeare is imposing on the action a plot which is unorthodox and which in the end has to be dismissed for a return to the normalcy society requires.

    • Word count: 2951

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