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University Degree: Medieval

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  1. Chaucers presentation of Troilus and Criseydes love reflects the insurmountable influences of the conventional social ideologies in a patriarchy. Although the poem has a pre-Christian setting, many argue that Chaucer draws a message of Christian mo

    Chaucer recreates Boccaccio's Il Filostrato, 3 transforming it from a simple poem of love and war in which love stands firm into a tragedy. Thus, the backdrop of the Trojan War from Il Filostrato becomes a causal factor which, coupled with other influences, such as Boethian philosophy and Ovidian conceits of courtly love, symbolise how history, culture and society shape individual destinies and, ultimately, act as a destructive force on Troilus and Criseyde's love.4 Contradictory strands of courtly service are linked through Chaucer's representation of Troilus, who initially symbolises the idealised courtly love tradition;5 Pandarus, representing Ovid's attitude6; and Criseyde,

    • Word count: 3323
  2. The main characters in Le Roman de la Rose and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight are capable of finding an identity that suits them; the different paths that each characters takescourtly love and chivalrywere the highest ideals in medieval times

    "the source of all worth, a model for human relations" (Companion 86), as well as an antisocial one, "bringing folly and isolation to the lover" (Companion 86). The character's oneiric quest starts at a "time when Love claims his tribute from young men" (Lorris 3); this is a young man that is finally leaving the world of childhood symbolized by the time of year when his dream takes place: spring, a season commonly related to birth and renewal, to love and joy.

    • Word count: 3939
  3. Beowulf - The real Story

    What is this? I don't remember anything of a Dutakin." "Ever since King Beowulf the Wimp was killed after fleeing the dragon, our new king Wiglaf has divided our kingdom into 7 provinces." "Wait, Beowulf, dead!" the warrior chuckled. "I am not dead! I slew the dragon!" "Not to be disrespectful, sir, but I think the days of lying in the sun have gotten to your head. Beowulf was said to have been seven feet tall, had arms broad as the legs of the greatest horse, and was as wise as all the scholars in the whole Geatland.

    • Word count: 3833

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