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University Degree: Thomas Hardy

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  1. In what ways does Hardy respond to the demands of writing public poetry as opposed to confessional verse?

    This juxtaposition in premise between the desires, actions and feelings of man against the unflinching rigour of the eternal verities is also one of the enduring themes of the poem, as it is in many of Hardy's more confessional works of verse. Reflections of this include the idea of "Time's unflinching rigour" reducing a person to "one phantom figure" in "At Castle Boterel", and the intimate and confirmatory lyric of "Woman much missed, how you call to me, call to me" being reduced to the bitter indictment of "And the woman, calling" through the passage of time in "The Voice".

    • Word count: 2690
  2. An exploration of the importance of setting in 'Tess of the D'Urbervilles' by Thomas Hardy

    Tess Durbeyfield discovers that she is a 'belated seedling' of a decayed aristocratic family, the D'Urbervilles. She is fooled into thinking that in finding her noble family, she will find love and nobility of spirit. Her story is one of disillusionment, when she realises too late that this nobility and pride of spirit she so craves is only to be found within her, and not in the outside world. She needs a sense of belonging; but receives only physical and emotional violation, and further alienation. Quoyle desires to comprehend 'the mysteries of unknown family', the dark lives of the 'big wild boogers' that are his Newfoundland ancestors; he needs to define his place amongst these treacherous, primitive people.

    • Word count: 2411
  3. Middlemarch and the Victorian Period Professor Sally Shuttleworth

    In particular, I will be looking at the conflict between a scientific understanding of human existence and the Christian concept of Providence. Thirdly, I will examine George Eliot's narrative style. Middlemarch is famous for its 'omniscient narrator'. Certainly the narrator is formidably knowledgeable, but the potentially oppressive effect of this is leavened by George Eliot's extensive and brilliant use of dialogic narration, weaving many voices and points of view into her narrative style. Narrators and Narration in Victorian Fiction Dr Shirley Foster This lecture examines the various ways in which Victorian novelists exploit the relationship between writer and reader.

    • Word count: 2834
  4. Witchcraft & Religion: Social science illuminating historical events?

    The sources from which the historian attempts to reconstruct the past are frequently written documents which shed light on what the people of the past thought was happening, but not necessarily what was actually happening. Using written sources alone, "How can one detect the gap (if one exists) between a man's motives and his rationalisation of these motives, and, further, the ideological or doctrinal gloss which he places upon these rationalisations?" Anthropology, concerned with uncovering the genuine reasons behind social relationships, can clearly make some suggestions.

    • Word count: 2315
  5. Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings: An American Controversy.

    His father died when he was 14, and Thomas inherited 2,750 acres and 50 slaves. As a wealthy man, he was able to marry the wealthy Martha Wayles. They were married ten years, until her death in 1782. Together they had six children. Jefferson loved her dearly, and never remarried. Historians claim he was celibate for the remainder of his life, and that is why he can not be the father of Hemings' children. Jefferson was indeed celibate, meaning unmarried, however he was not chaste. This controversial piece of history was brought to the public's eye on September 1st, 1802.

    • Word count: 2890
  6. Examine the literary presentation of political/religious events in the text you have chosen. I have chosen Thomas D'Urfey's, Sir Barnaby Whig.

    The Whigs, a collective noun for the political party of the Earl of Shaftesbury which dominated the three parliaments from 1679 to 1681, in opposition to the prospect of a Catholic ruler in James II2 are here given a voice, but such a blustering, overweight and ineffectual character that D'Urfey's position is evident from our first meeting with him. However whilst this is an extremely political figure, and one that is will be personal to D'Urfey, I intend to show that it is in fact the concept of politics in drama that D'Urfey is commenting on, whilst still making a strong political attack.

    • Word count: 2697
  7. The Melancholy Hussar of the German Legion

    Wessex tales are formulated by Thomas Hardy, from a fictional county on the south coast of England, where the villages are small and rural and have a very clear view of what is socially acceptable, by those who live in and around the community. The narrator is clearly apposed to the views of the English class system and puts this across throughout the story. The opening description is of a ghostly, spectral landscape and creates the tense feeling of forbidden love, as the crucial scenes occur during the twilight hours, which add to the romance of the tragic love story and the wild adventure of Phyllis Grove.

    • Word count: 2480
  8. Compare and contrast the poems 'East moors' by Gillian Clarke with R.S Thomas' Welsh Landscape.

    His early poems, most notably those found in Stones of the Field (1946) and Song at the Year's Turning Point: Poems 1942-1954 (1955), contained a harshly critical but increasingly compassionate view of the Welsh people and their stark homeland. In Thomas' later volumes, starting with Poetry for Supper (1958), the subjects of his poetry remained the same, yet his questions became more specific, his irony more bitter, and his compassion deeper. In such later works as The Way of It (1977), Frequencies (1978), Between Here and Now (1981), and Later Poems 1972-1982 (1983), Thomas was not without hope when he described with mournful derision the cultural decay affecting his parishioners, his country, and the modern world.

    • Word count: 2059
  9. Close examination of Afterwards By Thomas Hardy.

    However the number of syllables varies in each line, which means the poem is not constrained by its structure. This is fitting to the content of the poem as there are references to birds, and flying which has the connotations of freedom. essaybank.co.uk wwcd cdw escdcds aycd cdba ncd kccd cduk. An example of this is, 'And the May month flaps its glad green leaves like wings.' This animal imagery is totally un-restrictive, as well as painting a very bright and vibrant picture of the season that he is describing. The alliteration, combined with each line only having one syllable helps to achieve the bouncing, jolly effect.

    • Word count: 2501
  10. This essay will compare and contrast two ghost stories: "Harry" and "The Superstitious Man's Story." It will analyse the story genre, the typical conventions of ghost stories and also the different literary techniques used by the two different authors.

    The two stories I will be comparing are "The Superstitious Man's Story" written by Thomas Hardy, and "Harry". Thomas Hardy wrote "The Superstitious Man's Story" in 1894. This short story is based upon the superstition of Midsummer Eve. William, the husband of Betty Privett, is 'seen' by her to leave their house on Midsummer Eve. When she returns upstairs she realises he is still in bed. The following morning he questions her about a sign that she had left on the door that read "Mind and do the door" she explains her story but he insists he never left the house that night.

    • Word count: 2811
  11. Analysis of "Holiday Memory" by Dylan Thomas

    Let us therefore begin our analysis of "Holiday Memory" with Thomas' description of dusk falling on a day spent by the sea, (lines 1-2). Thomas uses a series of rapid images to illustrate how the sun has started to set and darkness has suddenly enveloped those left on the beach. Darkness has descended from the sky, it has grown "up out of the sand", has "curled" around them, it is a new entity beckoning them towards a new and exciting part of the holiday.

    • Word count: 2220
  12. Compare and contrast the presentation of women in Hardy’s “Tony Kytes, Arch Deceiver and Lawrence’s “Tickets Please”

    Unity is also bitter because of Tony choosing Milly over her. When she says "Tony" in a "tender chide" she is being sweet and manipulative. She's asking difficult questions, which shows us her determination, and Tony knows if he says the wrong answer Unity will be upset, so he has to tell her that he has "nothing to complain about" regarding Unity's appearance and Unity herself. When Tony tells Unity to hide under the tarpaulin because Milly is approaching she obliges and this shows us that she stills loves Tony and do what she can possibly do in order to make Tony hers.

    • Word count: 2650

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  • Analyse the Narrative Skills of Graham Greene in his Short Story 'The Destructors' - And show how they enhance their appeal to the reader.

    "In conclusion, after analysing the narrative skills of Graham Greene it is apparent that he has written an effective story for the reader. Although the story is unusual and some unimaginative use of narrative skills near to the end of the story, it is interesting to note what narrative skills Graham Greene has used and how he has made it effective. Neeraj Bhardwaj - 1 -"

  • Under Milk Wood By Dylan Thomas - "There's a nasty lot that live here, when you come to think." To what extent is the play an indictment of human society?

    "In conclusion, the play Under Milk Wood may, indeed, be considered an indictment of society. However, one must consider that, although Dylan Thomas criticizes his characters throughout, the play as a whole recognizes that it is important to forgive one of one's flaws. The audience may therefore be inclined to believe that Under Milk Wood is simply a depiction of reality and thus displays the flaws and wonders of Llareggub's townspeople; both of which are celebrated by the play overall."

  • Compare "Lore" by R.S. Thomas and "Woman Work" by Maya Angelou. How do the poets show their attitude to life and work in their writing?

    "In my opinion these poems are trying to teach the reader how hard or simple life is. Each poet offers a different view of life and work. I think Maya Angelou shows strong feelings towards life when she writes "Cover me with white/Cold icy kisses". The new line just after "white" emphasises, in my opinion, that Maya Angelou wants to end racism and racial hatred. The woman is craving not to be discriminated against. She may even want to be white so she could get a better job than being a cotton picker or a slave. Out of both poems, I like "Woman Work" more because it shows how hard life is for African American women. The way it is written makes the reader sympathetic towards the woman in "Woman Work". It makes the reader think how hard life can be for certain individuals. It moved me how the poem was written; the woman could not own anything; she had no hope; her only solace was nature. "Lore" however shows optimism, it shows elderly people can still enjoy life. Job's work keeps him fit, he enjoys his work. The poem shows a simple life for a simple person."

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