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University Degree: Thomas Hardy

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  1. Compare and Contrast the two poems, 'Do not go gentle into that good night' by Dylan Thomas and 'The Fall' by Gillian Clarke. Which do you prefer and why?

    'Old age should burn and rave at close of day' meaning that Thomas is telling his father that people who have spent their life and grown old should see what a gift life is; he says that dying people- more than others- should fight against death and scream out their final words, not passively pass on. At the end of stanza one instead of a negative tone it ends with a positive one. 'Rage, rage against the dying light'. Thomas is saying that (you), 'rage against the dying light', that you struggle to keep the dying light alive.

    • Word count: 1282
  2. To what extent are the reader's questions answered in"The Listeners" by Walter de la Mare"On the Departure Platform" by Thomas Hardy"Ozymandias" by Percy Bysshe Shelley"The Man He Killed" by Thomas Hardy

    For example, the house and the surrounding area is described in a lot of detail, as is the effect the Traveller has on the atmosphere and the sound aspect of the poem. "Stood thronging in the faint moonbeams on the dark stair, That goes down to the empty hall," [Lines 17 + 18] This is an example of the type of description of the house. It gives a strong impression of silence, emptiness and nothing being whole. Continuing the theme of the Traveller disrupting the tranquillity of the scene, he starts off fairly calm.

    • Word count: 1867
  3. Poetry Analysis- Thomas Hardy - "On An Invitation To The United States"

    This concept of "rebirth" and new opportunities is combined with the consideration of past poetic masters, conveying a distinctive origin for both and emphasising the magic and freedom throughout Americas vast land. The poem is presented in two stanzas, each containing 8 lines. In addition to this, the poem has a continuous rhythm and works around a rhyme scheme of (A,B,A,B,B,C,B,C). This regular rhyme scheme helps the poem to flow with more continuity and this fluidity helps to represent Hardy's frame of mind and his excitement of the invitation he has received.

    • Word count: 697
  4. The poem, "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night", is a poem about dying. Death takes on a new and intensely personal meaning for Thomas . Do you agree ?

    Four of the six stanzas in the poem address different types of men who are close to death. The first of the four types of men are the "wise men". These men might be considered intellectuals or scholars. Thomas says, "because their words had forked no lightning they / Do not go gentle into that good night [,]" which means that because they have not completed everything in life they wish to, that they will not submit to death without a fight (5-6). In the second of the four stanzas Thomas addresses "good men" who, like the wise men, have not lived their life to the fullest and still have things to accomplish.

    • Word count: 697
  5. How does Thomas Hardy's poetry relate to his Life.

    Hardy and Emma were married in 1874. Shortly after 1874 he became successful and she became less important to him. He was embarrassed by her. He began to neglect her. He stopped taking her out. As the years past Emma protested that she was ill. She longed for Hardy's love as it had been in the early days of their marriage. On the 27th November 1912 Emma died suddenly. Hardy grieved extensively because her sudden death. Thomas realized how too late much he loved her. He also realized the only person who really cared about him was Emma.

    • Word count: 629
  6. Alfred Noyes creates tension in his poem, The Highwayman, as does Thomas Hardy in A Trampwoman's Tragedy.

    Purple being a very deep, rich colour introduces us to the highwayman as he comes 'riding-riding-riding-riding.' The repetition of riding gives a sense of movement as if coming up to something, but what? This creates suspense. The dramatic pauses between words also add a sense of mystery as if it's getting closer and closer, building up tension. We continue to see words such as 'twinkle', 'jewelled sky', 'red love-knot' and 'claret velvet' all building up hope of something romantic and

    • Word count: 561
  7. The problem with Under Milk Wood is that nothing happens. Is this an accurate assessment of the play?

    What is special about Under Milk Wood is the way in which the characters are portrayed to us. The many characters in Under Milk wood are presented to us indirectly through the Voices of the play - who tell us what they are doing at various times of the day and night; who quote their words and describe their actions to us. We watch them as the night goes by and they are asleep. We learn about them through what the Voices tell us of their dreams: for instance we hear that Captain Cat is dreaming of Rosie Probert, which gives us insight into his character and also the relationship that existed between them.

    • Word count: 5160
  8. The Escape.

    Police officers circled the area walking holding dogs on leashes. The dogs were black like the night sky. The police officers Police officers hats hid their cold eyes. The prison looked lonely, and the earth had been unloved by rain. The day started with little wind moving among the electric fence. The shade climbed up the towers towards the top. In the recreation area the dogs lay quietly like black stones. Then, from the direction of one of the main buildings came the sound of footsteps, men were heard shouting. They were approached the recreation area. The path they fallowed was covered with rocks.

    • Word count: 1172
  9. Discuss the ways Thomas presents country life and progress in his poetry. Refer to at least 4 poems in your answer.

    In 'Farm Child' the boy is held up like an exhibit in a museum: 'Look at this boy, his head is stuffed With all the nests he knows, his pockets with Snail-shells and bits of glass, the fruit of hours Spent in the fields by thorn and thistle tuft' He is described like this so the reader will be able to visualise what this boy is like and what influence country life has had on him.

    • Word count: 514
  10. Both John Thomas and Tony Kytes are daring characters who try to manipulate the women around them. Yet in the end both are weaker than the women in each story. Compare the two male characters and discuss whether or not you agree with this statement.

    Often autobiographical, his writings also show his close relationship with his mother and sensitivity about his poor working-class background. Thomas Hardy was an influence to 20th Century writers, and as recognition of his work his ashes were buried in Poet's corner in Westminster Abbey, and his heart buried in his wife's grave - Emma. Thomas Hardy was born in 1840 in Dorset. Before His death in 1928, he had written fifteen novels, four collections of short stories and eight collections of poetry. Hardy is a strong storyteller and his works often deal with the problems caused by human passion and desire.

    • Word count: 3280
  11. Discuss the infinite variety of complaints shown in different forms in the poems 'The Unknown Citizen' by W.H. Auden, 'Naming of Parts' by Henry Reed, 'Cynddylan on a Tractor' by R.S. Thomas and Do not go gentle into that Good Night' by Dylan Thomas.

    The title indicates that the person described in the poem is completely unknown and Auden backs this point up with the number he gives the citizen, indicating that this person is so anonymous he is only justifiably identified by a number and not a name. Auden varies the length of lines dramatically throughout the poem and this is perhaps to add swiftness and pace to a mediocre subject, however Auden does use enjambment, i.e. 'He worked in a factory and never got fired/But satisfied his employers, Fudge Motors Inc.'

    • Word count: 1658
  12. Critical Appreciation of the Darkling Thrush with Particular Emphasis on Time and Change.

    This demonstrates a vivid image of brambles cutting through the sky; showing an idea of death coming from the writer's imagination. Hardy is trying to show the reader that the turn of the century offers no hope. In the first stanza he only thinks of cold, gloomy, and death as what happens in the rest of his life. A reason for this attitude might be because he is alone. We know this because in the poem it has the lines "And all mankind that haunted nigh/Had sought their household fires."

    • Word count: 1070
  13. An analysis on a short passage taken from Satire 1.

    The way in which Wyatt has used the narrator in his poetry shows that the narrator has a meaning towards himself in which the court has affected other people within the time. Lines 73-75 suggest that the speaker of the poem cannot go through with the way in which his role consists of during his time as an ambassador. Wyatt questions the roles of an ambassador of what is required of oneself; hence that a sense of doubt is used in this, line 76 "I cannot I- no, no, it will not be!"

    • Word count: 753
  14. Compare and contrast the three snow poems focusing on the poetic techniques utilised to create the snowy scene.

    Robert Bridges' poem, "London Snow" is a very detailed description of snow as an entity, therefore conveying a sense of awe of how the snow can transform a scene. He begins the poem by describing the silencing effect the snow has on the town; "Hushing the latest traffic of the drowsy town." He uses vocabulary such a "stifling," "lazily," "incessantly" and "silently sifting" to describe the slow movement of the snow as it falls on the town. In the eighth line, Bridges uses the phrase; "Hiding difference, making unevenness, even" which portrays the perfection of the snow.

    • Word count: 1833
  15. Compare The Ruined Maid by Thomas Hardy and Cousin Kate by Christina Rosetti.

    So, male Victorian writers and poets had two conflicting images of women: the pure, and the ruined. Imagery is a technique that is used frequently in 'Cousin Kate' and 'The Ruined Maid'. In 'Cousin Kate' the maid says "even so I sit and howl in dust, you sit in gold and sing". This creates an image of how bad Kate is feeling. The use of the word 'howl' gives us an understanding of how upset the maid is, and how bad she feels. It also makes us compare her crying to the sound of a wolf. There is also a lot of imagery in 'The Ruined Maid'.

    • Word count: 712
  16. Compare and contrast the poems 'East moors' by Gillian Clarke with R.S Thomas' Welsh Landscape.

    His early poems, most notably those found in Stones of the Field (1946) and Song at the Year's Turning Point: Poems 1942-1954 (1955), contained a harshly critical but increasingly compassionate view of the Welsh people and their stark homeland. In Thomas' later volumes, starting with Poetry for Supper (1958), the subjects of his poetry remained the same, yet his questions became more specific, his irony more bitter, and his compassion deeper. In such later works as The Way of It (1977), Frequencies (1978), Between Here and Now (1981), and Later Poems 1972-1982 (1983), Thomas was not without hope when he described with mournful derision the cultural decay affecting his parishioners, his country, and the modern world.

    • Word count: 2059
  17. Under Milk Wood By Dylan Thomas - "There's a nasty lot that live here, when you come to think." To what extent is the play an indictment of human society?

    in that, despite (or perhaps due to) their imperfections, they are interesting and lovable to the same extent to which they are bizarre and mad. Under Milk Wood is, therefore, a depiction of the truth and Dylan Thomas' colourful and vivid work at the same time recognizes our faults and celebrates them. Under Milk Wood is made up of characters that are equally intriguing as the play itself as they each demonstrate both flaws and virtues to much the same level as we do. Polly Garter, for example, appears at first to be simply a looser, free and perhaps even immoral woman.

    • Word count: 1218
  18. From your Reading of this selection of Thomas Hardy poetry comment on what you see as his major themes and how he expresses them.

    The poem then continues to describe that whilst the ship was being built, its destiny and fate had already been decided. The iceberg, which was being growing in the Artic Ocean was doing so at the exact same time and would eventually destroy it. This illustrates the themes of fate and destiny. The inevitable collision between ship and iceberg happens in the last stanza. In the opening stanzas Hardy describes his feelings about the people of the time. He thinks that they are very vane and they are the ugliest of creatures.

    • Word count: 1153
  19. Close examination of Afterwards By Thomas Hardy.

    However the number of syllables varies in each line, which means the poem is not constrained by its structure. This is fitting to the content of the poem as there are references to birds, and flying which has the connotations of freedom. essaybank.co.uk wwcd cdw escdcds aycd cdba ncd kccd cduk. An example of this is, 'And the May month flaps its glad green leaves like wings.' This animal imagery is totally un-restrictive, as well as painting a very bright and vibrant picture of the season that he is describing. The alliteration, combined with each line only having one syllable helps to achieve the bouncing, jolly effect.

    • Word count: 2501
  20. Analyse the Narrative Skills of Graham Greene in his Short Story 'The Destructors' - And show how they enhance their appeal to the reader.

    is introduced in the play it is almost uncertain what is going to happen, as we can't predict what is going through someone's mind, as it is not always logical or rational. In the plot structure we find that there is a main incident i.e. the destruction of Mr. Thomas's house. This incident produces a morbid fascination for the reader, as the idea is quite chilling and profound. We discover that at the end of the story that the author has an abrupt and insipid ending.

    • Word count: 3180
  21. "During Wind And Rain", "The Voice", "At Castle Boterel" make a detailed analysis of the three poems comparing their message.

    None of these poems suggest a feel good factor, they suggest that his life is nearly over both in theses poems and also in real life they are too quiet depressing. Thomas Hardy was quiet obviously going through bad time when he wrote these poems and are reflection his emotion and mood very well. The poems show a great insight into their social, cultural and historical background, I think that Hardy wasn't trying to tell us things, but showing us what it was like for him in the time he lived.

    • Word count: 700
  22. Compare the poems 'Drummer Hodge' and 'A wife in London' by Thomas Hardy. You must comment on both subject matter and style.

    From the harsh, callous tone of the first, and the absurdness that the second verse conveys, the third verse seems to restore some dignity with an almost prayer-like tone: 'And strange-eyed constellations reign His stars eternally.' (17-18) It's the word 'eternally' that reminds us the most of a prayer or a hymn and you can almost hear the word 'Amen' after it. We can tell how passionately Hardy disapproves of the Boer War too when in his very opening lines he describes the young drummer-boy being 'thrown' into his grave without any burial ceremony: 'Uncoffined - just as found' (2)

    • Word count: 1019
  23. Tension Writing - The Arctic Race, a long marathon involving men walking along white snow plains to reach the South Pole first.

    In the ice-cold, three men were walking through the white plains. The first man was called Damien, he was English, Woo-pang was from China and Thomas was from America. These three men were just walking along when suddenly one of them stopped and said "Look." "Where?" Woo- Pang replied "There, up ahead." "What? Up there?" asked Thomas. "Yes." "There's a good place to set up camp." Damien pointed out. So they all walked over to what looked like a shelter and set up camp there.

    • Word count: 487
  24. This essay will compare and contrast two ghost stories: "Harry" and "The Superstitious Man's Story." It will analyse the story genre, the typical conventions of ghost stories and also the different literary techniques used by the two different authors.

    The two stories I will be comparing are "The Superstitious Man's Story" written by Thomas Hardy, and "Harry". Thomas Hardy wrote "The Superstitious Man's Story" in 1894. This short story is based upon the superstition of Midsummer Eve. William, the husband of Betty Privett, is 'seen' by her to leave their house on Midsummer Eve. When she returns upstairs she realises he is still in bed. The following morning he questions her about a sign that she had left on the door that read "Mind and do the door" she explains her story but he insists he never left the house that night.

    • Word count: 2811
  25. How does Dylan Thomas succeed in conveying a very strong visual impression? Under Milk wood.

    He changes the mood of the play regularly, simply by change the intensity of the voices. In the book, there are three main voices - First Voice, Second Voice, and Captain Cat. Captain Cat is the main character in the book, and the audience immediately associates with him because he is blind and he is a natural bridge between eye and ear for the listener. Captain Cat shares his central position with two anonymous narrators. First Voice is unbiased and only narrates the scene and what is occurring there, rather than Second Voice who narrates the dreams and thoughts of people.

    • Word count: 869

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