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University Degree: Other Poets

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  1. Compare the ways that vultures are portrayed and used in the poems by Margaret Atwood and Chinua Achebe

    Bone and corpse suggests death which represents the vultures to be bad and related with death. Bashed in head shows that vultures are ugly which makes a negative atmosphere and image. But Achebe also uses some positive words like "affectionately", "mate" and "perching." Affectionately suggests that vultures have a soft side to them and can treat others in a decent way. Mate shows that vultures are bit like humans, they have friends and lovers. Also perching suggests that vultures like to chill out and relax exactly what humans like doing.

    • Word count: 1290
  2. Write an essay in which you identify, describe and evaluate the main ideas in at least three poems by diffrernt authors.

    This has helped to make the poem very structured and persistent evidentially making the poem flow along easily. The structure of the poem is very persistent. This has made the poem flow along easily and has made the poem slightly easier to understand. Then again some may argue that the continuous persistence of the poem has made it a bit boring and perhaps the author could have made it slightly more interesting by making it less persistent. "Their intense souls, into each other pour'd" The word poured makes everything seem so easy and calm, like there is no problem to worry about.

    • Word count: 2333
  3. Emily Dickinson

    From 1840 to 1855, she lived with her family in a house on North Pleasant Street, after which they returned to Homestead. Though somewhat isolated, Amherst had a good private academy, a rich but mixed cultural tradition of reading the Bible, Shakespeare, and the classics; and, as the nineteenth century progressed, contemporary American authors and a large amount of popular and sentimental literature became current there. Social life was confined largely to church affairs, college receptions, agricultural shows, and private socializing such as walking, carriage riding, and books.

    • Word count: 2612

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