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University Degree: Other Poets

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  1. "Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note Analysis

    The fact that the title tells the reader to expect a "Twenty volume Suicide Note" may imply that the speaker does not truly intend to kill himself; it would take him a lifetime to finish such a project. He is so enthralled by his own despair that the idea of suicide is life sustaining. The poem's first two stanzas reflect feelings of hopelessness in the speaker's daily routine, and the impossibility of emerging from it. The poem describes the speaker's routine as purposeless and empty: "Lately, I've become accustomed to the way / The ground opens up and envelopes me / Each time I go out to walk the dog".

    • Word count: 970
  2. Super size me by morgan

    Other than that aspect, "Super Size Me" succeeded in it's ratings, and in the minds of the viewers. The people who have watched this movie have had to think harder about what they are eating. Morgan Spurlock told us a lot of secrets about what's really in our food, and it isn't pretty. I personally have decided that I will never eat a chicken nugget from a fast food restaurant ever again, as well as never buy anything from McDonalds. Every one person affected counts as a major success. In what way did it not succeed? "Super Size Me" was a success, so picking out something negative in it is tough.

    • Word count: 662
  3. The Death of Marilyn Monroe, by Sharon Olds, on the surface speaks about the events that occur after the death of Marilyn Monroe

    The poem interestingly revolves around the men, the ?ambulance men? (1) who carried Monroe?s body ?down the steps? (10). The ambulance men tried and continued with their daily routine ?as they always did? (12), but found themselves traumatized such that they could not even meet each others? eyes because one had nightmares, the second one looked different at his wife/kids and the last one stood there in the doorway listening to a women breathing. The next stanza is double spaced before it is continued, giving the impression that the third stanza takes place sometime after the incident. The second stanza begins with ?Their lives took a turn?(15), showing that even after some time, the death of Monroe still had a significant impact on their lives??nightmares, strange/ pains, impotence, depression?(16-17).

    • Word count: 985

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