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University Degree: Donne

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  1. Discuss the significance of the term metaphysical poetry in relation to three of the poems you have studied this term. You should also look up the word metaphysical in the OED and use some of the information given in your ess

    The speaker explains that, in order not to profane their love, like virtuous men who die mildly and without complaint, they should leave without 'sigh-tempest' or 'tear-floods'3. The speaker elaborates by stating that when the earth moves it causes 'harms and fears', but when the spheres experience 'trepidation'4, despite the larger impact, it is innocent. The speaker distinguishes between two kinds of love: namely, that of 'dull sublunary lovers'5, which cannot endure separation, and the love of the speaker and his beloved.

    • Word count: 3535
  2. Love in the Poetry of John Donne.

    At the outermost sphere beyond the planets, God was to be found in the empireum or heaven. The devil was found in the centre of the earth and above him in hierarchical order was society with the king at the top who supposedly embodied the qualities of his subjects. This was how the notion of the divine right of kings arose as the king was 'nearest to God'. It was thought that the empireum could be reached through the mind when a state of extasis was reached. This ecstasy was supposedly achievable in many different ways. Pythagoras believed that he could reach extasis by the consideration of numbers but in Donne's time, people thought that the state was attainable by the contemplation of the metaphysical; especially when it came to love.

    • Word count: 4974
  3. Why has Donne's poetry been described as 'Metaphysical'?

    "It would be going too far to say that the Metaphysicals are like a constellation, the appearance of their being a group depending upon point of view rather than real connections between them, but the connections between them are certainly tenuous".1 Another problem about defining this literary category is that it runs into other groupings in the seventeenth century, namely the House of Ben, which were influenced by Edmund Spenser, and the Cavalier poets, who were influenced by Johnson. For example Clement Paman's Good Friday is a beautiful and personal poem that combines Spenserian water - fantasy with conceits in the manner of Donne.

    • Word count: 3106
  4. Write a study of a sonnet, looking at examples by two different poets writing before 1900, showing how they use form to express their ideas. You should include at least two sonnets written by the same poet. Accompanying this with a sonnet of your own.

    In the absence of the capacity to imagine or feel either of these, Donne's deepest prayer must be either to be ravished into chastity, or to escape from God's attention". Of these sonnets, many differences occurred. The exploration of these is just as important. For example, in both sonnets, Donne wanted God to interfere directly into his life and bring Donne to him. Donne could not bring himself directly to God because he felt that he was unworthy of God.

    • Word count: 3591

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Discuss Poet Mathew Arnold as a poet of Melancholy? As a representative poet?Introduction:- Victorian age was an age of industrial revolution. The first railway train was introduced

    "Conclusion:- In such a world, where faith is absent, love can be the only consolation. Hence the poet asks his beloved to be constant in her love, he tells her that although the world looks new and beautiful like a fairyland, yet it does not have any charm. It is without happiness, love, light, certainty, peace and help. The world in the varied forms appears attractive and charming life ,a land of dreams, but in fact is possesses nothing to heighten the spirit. It is devoid of all good things that fill the world with great and real cheerfulness. The people of the world have lost the real aim of life. They are not better than soldier go on fighting in the darkness of the night. They are so confused that they don't know why and with whom they are fighting similar is the state in which the people of the world are found. They are utterly confused in life and struggle in vain. As they don't know the goal of life, their efforts do not take them anywhere."

  • Discuss "The Flea" as a typically metaphysical poem

    "In conclusion, it is thus very clear that John Donne's The Flea poem is typically metaphysical, by embodying quintessential characteristics of the genre throughout the poem. As well as the conceit within the poem, and the metaphysical manipulation of the poem's structure and form, the poem is also one of immense innuendo. In keeping with metaphysical conventions, although there are constant hints towards the erotic, the poem does not have any explicit reference to it, highlighting the subtlety of the argument he portrays, which is cleverly hidden but delivered through use of a very unusual and absurd object which in this case is the physical existence of the flea itself. The poem is successful as a typical poem of the metaphysical poetic movement, as it utilises every element of the poem, including its structure and language, to exhibit the archetypal attributes of absurd imagery and witty, intelligent and yet subtle arguments to convey the passionate argument of John Donne. Ashley Louise Coffey 12CR English - Miss Barry 08/02/07"

  • Choose a poem typical of John Donne's love poetry - Discuss its methods and concerns and explain why you have chosen it as particularly representative.

    "The poem comes to a succinct ending, in its explanation that 'Thy firmness makes my circle just, /And makes me end, where I begunne'. The "compass" imagery is thus brought to its logical conclusion in the idea that the lover will return to where he started: 'in the centre sit[s]' her soul. The journey has come full circle, and hence they can be reunited after the separation. Although this poem is almost entirely focused on a particularly sensitive and 'refin'd' aspect of love, there is one image of the arm of the compass which 'growes erect as that comes home', thus dispelling the sense of bodily contact being unnecessary. The gentle tone does not make its argument any less compelling, due to cleverly constructed comparisons which are equally effective in both their persuasive technique and romantic content. Thus, I feel 'A Valediction forbidding mourning' typifies many of the characteristics of John Donne's love poetry, whilst retaining its own uniqueness."

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