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University Degree: Other Poets

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  1. Discuss the ways - conventional or unconventional - in which the poet's mistress is represented by any TWO poets of the period. Refer to at least three poems, commenting closely on at least two.

    He then goes back to talking about his mistress, 'but thy eternal summer shall not fade', he is saying that she is his summer and she will always be that way, her summer-like beauty will never diminish as the sun and season will. He is using his poetry to make her beauty timeless, even death cannot take her beauty when it is recorded in his work; 'Nor death brag thou wand'rest in his shade, when in eternal lines to Time thou grow'st.'

    • Word count: 1484
  2. Discuss the mixture of realism and fantasy in Ben Jonson's country house poem 'To Penshurst'

    Due to his poetic style, Jonson was easily able to secure his place as a respected patronage poet. Robert Evans comments ?Ben Jonson became perhaps the most successful patronage poet of his era. House-guest of well-connected nobles, perennial author of holiday masques, and recipient of royal grants of money and sack, Jonson by middle age had become a fixture at the Jacobean court.?[1] It was extremely important for patronage poets to flatter the country estate of the landowner, as the country estate somewhat established the landowner?s status, and even in a sense defined what others thought of him within the class system.

    • Word count: 1988

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