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University Degree: Other Poets

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  1. Discuss the relationship between the city and the country as presented in Swift's `Description of a City Shower' and Pope's `Windsor Forest'

    In `Description of a City Shower', Swift presents the subtle changes and preparations which might occur in the city when the threat of rain is imminent. In the first line Swift makes it clear that these little signs are obvious only to the 'careful observer' - one who is aware of the environment and in sync with their surroundings. For example, at the beginning of the poem Swift mentions the `pensive cat', suggesting that there can exist an affinity with nature even in the midst of the city.

    • Word count: 2554
  2. Describe three poems by John Donne the theme of love

    We can tell that the poet is writing about the past tense on the second line of the first paragraph, "Did, till we loved? were we not wean'd till then?" The reader gets the suggestion that, as he is talking about the past, he use to live on the countryside, "But suck'd on country pleasures." This first paragraph has used many rhetorical questions. It comes across to the reader that he is reflecting back on the past. All of the questioning sounds like he is 'lost' or confused about something.

    • Word count: 2359

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