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University Degree: Shakespeare

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  1. Close Reading of Mary Wroth's Sonnet #40.

    The sonnets first quatrain gives us the image of a pregnant woman bearing 'false hope'. Wroth uses enjambment in the first three lines to make the size of Pamphilia's loss explicit; her lines are so full they spill over into the next. Forgive the pun, but the lines are absolutely pregnant with meaning. "False hope which feeds but to destroy, and spill/ What it first breeds; unnatural to the birth/ Of thine own womb; conceiving but to kill," (1-3). Wroth's word choice enforces this miscarriage theme.

    • Word count: 968
  2. William Shakespeare - Sonnet 130

    However, once further analyzed it is evident that this poem is actually about a woman he finds beautiful. It is assumed that the woman this poem focuses on was a woman that William Shakespeare personally knew. It is possible the woman in this poem, granted she is not given a name, could be created based on how Shakespeare felt about the unrealistic view of women in general.

    • Word count: 347

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