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University Degree: Charles Dickens

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  1. A literary and linguistic comparative study of three treatments

    Finally, Eliot's epic poem, The Wasteland, has at its core - amongst an array of other themes, such as religious and s****l depravity - the emptiness and monotony of life in the city. PART ONE - THE LOVELESS RELATIONSHIPS WITHIN CITY LIFE From a first reading of each of the three texts, it is apparent that the majority of relationships depicted within the city are both loveless and futile. Most often, these meaningless relationships are in contrast with the stereotype of the idyllic life of the countryside, and reinforce the stereotype of the debased existence that characterizes life in the city, where relationships are predominantly shown to be empty and self-fulfilling.

    • Word count: 3802
  2. Bakhtin claims that chronotopes "are the organising centres for the fundamental narrative events of a novel ... It can be said without qualification that to them belongs the meaning that shapes the narrative" how accurate an assessment is this?

    The plots of Greek Romance novels are all very similar to that of Dickens's, composed of the same essentials that can be inter-changed, which links in well with Propp's theory of Morphology, especially as Bakhtin keeps tracing the chronotopes back to ancient folklore. On the other hand Dickens's characters do not correspond as well with Propp due to their complexity which means they fit into several of the devised functions. At a rather basic level, it is possible to fit the plot of Nicholas Nickleby into the structure of the Greek Romance, although one significant aspect crucial to the plot of the romance is the love story.

    • Word count: 4483
  3. Epic storytelling in Disney's universe - Carl Barks and Duckburg

    In 1942 he drew the comic book Donald Duck finds pirate gold together with Jack Hannah, the first full-length comic book to star Donald. Working on this story, Barks realised that he preferred the calm of his own home to the busy environment at Burbank, and this, together with a sinus problem brought on by the air conditioning, led him to resign. He bought a chicken farm, but soon wanted to get back to drawing. At the same time the company that held the license for use of the Disney characters in comic books, Western Printing and Lithography, were looking for artists.

    • Word count: 3087

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