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University Degree: Geoffrey Chaucer

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  1. Compare and Contrast Two of the Pilgrims and State Which You Prefer and Why. What do we learn from medieval England?

    Her real name is Madame Eglentyne and is one of the most fully described pilgrims. As you read down the page he talks about her portrait being more concerned with how she eats than how she prays. He describes her as "She leet no morsel from hir lippes falle, Ne wette hir fyngres in hir sauce depe; Wel joude she sarie a morsel and wel kepe That no drope ne fille upon hire brest." He is saying that she never let a crumb fall from her mouth and that she never got her fingers dirty when dipping things in her sauce.

    • Word count: 594
  2. The Canterbury Tales.

    Greed captured the lives of these men. It evan. went so far as to killing them. They had pledged their life to one another and were set out to kill death. "They made their bargain, swore with appetite, These three, to live and die for one another As brother-born might swear to his born brother. And up they started their drunken rage . . . 'If we can only catch him, death is dead!'"

    • Word count: 427

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