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University Degree: James Joyce

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  1. The Dead By James Joyce

    Reading had been a favourite pleasure for Joyce since early years and even though his economic disadvantage, he still managed to attend the Jesuit schools Conglowes Wood College, Belvedere College and University College, Dublin. His greatest influences were Dante, Hauptmann, Yeats and Ibsen, to whom he in 1901 even sent a complimentary letter. In 1902, only 20 years old, Joyce escaped the "close- and narrow-mindness of Irish Catholism" and went to Paris, where he spent a year out of his life writing poetry while still living in severe poverty.

    • Word count: 2299
  2. “I struggle to keep writing as much as possible in male hands as much as possible as I distrust the feminine in literature.” (T.S. Eliot). Discuss with examples.

    While Joyce is concerned with the male anxieties regarding identity and paternity, ("He proves by algebra that Hamlet's grandson is Shakespeare's grandfather and that he himself is the ghost of his own father"2), he rejects the Freudian obsession with the artist and masculinity by simultaneously examining the feminine psyche. Joyce weaves these two strands in amongst the other elements of Ulysses in an attempt to form a representation of humankind as a whole.

    • Word count: 2357
  3. Of Being Trapped: Male and Female Paralysis in Dubliners

    Now, it's not just the ratio of male to female stories being the main difference, there is also a difference in how Joyce represents the genders in the love-based paralysis. This secondary difference brings to light what Marilyn French discusses in her book Shakespeare's Division of Experience, ?[t]he basic distinction in human social order since the beginning of recorded history has been gender" (11). Paralysis, in all of the stories, presents a great difference in how the love-based paralysis in a woman is presented from how it is presented in a man.

    • Word count: 2382

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • I choose to compare and contrast Nicholas and Paul's characteristics.

    "As a conclusion, both major characters are analyzed by their thought and point of view, authors' descriptions and the actions that they did in the stories. Both of them bring up the event to life and how their characteristics capture the readers' attention to understand the messages and themes in the stories."

  • With reference to any two short stories that you have studied in the course, compare and contrast any two characters.

    "After comparing and contrasting the characters, Nicholas and Paul, I realised that Nicholas is a stiff character while Paul is a round character. Nicholas' characteristic does not change from the beginning of the story till the end. He is still a naughty young boy, from telling his aunt about the frog in his basin of bread-and-milk and till the time when he rebels against his aunt. Otherwise Paul, his characteristics changes from being na�ve and innocent to mentally and emotionally challenged where at the end of the story he dies because of tensed and brain fever. In my opinion, these two characters succeed in bringing up the two short stories. D. H. Lawrence and H. Munro Saki thrived in expressing their thought trough these two characters."

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