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University Degree: Mark Twain

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  1. American Fiction, The American Adolescent

    This issue of being an American adolescent is linked to the idea of 'coming of age', but whether Huck or Holden actually develop depends on their individual journeys. The presence of the Mississippi River in Huck Finn is of vital importance in both the given extract and the overall novel. 3T.S. Eliot (1950) defined the two major 'elements' of Huck Finn as 'the Boy and the River'. He noted that while the novel owes its style to the personality of Huck, the Boy; the River creates form and structure throughout, making it more than just a series of escapades culminating in an ending.

    • Word count: 2437
  2. Discuss the ways in which any two writers deal with the historical realities of slavery. Melville and Mark Twain

    1, 1863 that finally put and end to legal slave holding and trading. This did not mean the end of slavery and plantation owners still used slaves, black people were not accepted into society and illegal slavery went on for many years. Herman Melville was a prolific writer who wrote about his voyages at sea; he spent a large part of his early life at sea, visiting strange lands and even living amongst natives. He became known later in his career as, 'The man who lived among the cannibals'.

    • Word count: 2987

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