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University Degree: Harper Lee

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  1. Discuss the theme of prejudice in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'

    There was a feeling of superiority over black people and this is explored in the novel. 1939 was the beginning of the Second World War. In the years leading up to it, it is interesting to see how Lee uses irony to portray the characters' feelings about Hitler and his prejudiced holocaust scheme even with r****m still very accepted at home (America). There is one chapter that focuses on this issue in particular. (26) The '30s also saw the aftermath of the Wall Street Crash which left America and the world in the Great depression.

    • Word count: 8486
  2. Consider the techniques used by Nichols and Taylor to convey their origins to the reader - How do they portray the gap between black and white.

    It is clear that Cassie truly admires her mother; Taylor has taken a prominent black trait (hair) and described it as a "halo", portraying her as a saintly and angelic figure. In my view this coincides with her profession in the novel, a teacher, a respected member of society, who is looked upon as a source of knowledge. When teaching history Mrs Logan illustrates through the viewpoint of a black person, in somewhat graphic detail. I see Mrs Logan portrayed as a figure of justice; Taylor expresses her as an honest and reliable person. When Mr Granger, (the local white landlord)

    • Word count: 3422

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