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University Degree: J.K. Rowling

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  1. J.K. Rowling: The clat of a great achievement.

    Her sister Dianne, who also had a nickname, Di, was born when Rowling was almost two years old. Rowling refers to her sister's birth as her "earliest datable memory". As children Rowling and her sister would constantly fight and Rowling refers to their animosity as that of a "cat and dog". However the two were each other's playmates and Rowling continued to display her early imagination through the various interesting games she was apt to create for their enjoyment; "I told her a lot of stories [...] often the stories became games." Their stay at Chipping Sodbury was not long.

    • Word count: 3715
  2. To what extent does children's literature reflect messages from the wider culture? How are these messages transmitted?

    Philippe Ari�s's Centuries of Childhood claims that before the early modern era "the idea of childhood did not exist". Before this time children were treated as miniature adults, they drank wine and beer like adults, gambled for money at cards and enjoyed similar pastimes. Status, according to Ivan Illich was determined by class rather than age4. It seems then that childhood was a socially created phenomenon, which was a "gradual process with faint beginnings in the thirteenth century but not fully accomplished until the seventeenth century or later"5. Obviously the creation of a literature for children coincided with the idea of childhood.

    • Word count: 3432
  3. Mystery and Suspense In the Harry Potter Novels.

    Yet it exists so close to the every day world that the "muggles" live in. A world where things are just like they are in our world. Using pounds and pence for money, using clocks with numbers and going to schools that teach math, not divination. Harry spends the holidays with his aunt, uncle and cousin, Petunia, Vernon and Dudley Dursley, but during the school year he stays in an enchanted castle supervised by witches and wizards. At the beginning of each term Harry takes the "Hogwarts Express" from platform "nine and three-quarters" to get to his school, "Hogwarts".

    • Word count: 5033
  4. How Successful Was the Marketing Campaign of Harry Potter and the Philosphers Stone?

    The handful of people who had the privilege of seeing the film ahead of its premi�re reported, that the director had stayed true to the book and fans would not be disappointed. This is just a quick overview of the marketing campaign of Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone. The marketing campaign took a typically diverse approach being a part of every medium. The main promotion deal of Harry Potter was with Coca-Cola. However there have been posters, interviews, web sites, computer games and various merchandising.

    • Word count: 3135

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