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University Degree: Roald Dahl

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  1. Literature and Politics - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    The analogy of the factory as a symbol of communism, a criticism directed at Dahl's other novels such as James and the Giant Peach,2 is prevalent throughout the book. Charlie's father Mr Bucket, for example, is the epitome of the poor worker in a capitalist system; "however hard he worked.... [he] was never able to buy one half of the things that so large a family needed."3 When the competition is announced, Grandpa George declares that the people who will win the tickets "are the ones who can afford to buy bars of chocolate every day;"4 in other words, children in stereotypically capitalist families.

    • Word count: 1546
  2. My Reding Biography.

    Every day when I returned from school I knew that I would have to face reading a chapter of a book. During school when we had tutorial, the teacher set us some work and told us to get on with it. While doing that she picked on some people to read to her. There was a chair beside her and her book saying what she thought of the classes reading. Near the bottom there was me and there used to be a note saying that I read in one tone of voice all the time and read really fast.

    • Word count: 1824

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