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University Degree: Mary Shelley

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  1. Discuss the use of ONE of the following in any of the texts you have studied on this course: - i. Symbolism and/or allegory.

    We are first confronted with the embroidered letter in the introduction, when our narrator, searching through the Custom House comes upon, a "rag of scarlet cloth... on careful examination, assumed the shape of a letter. It was the Capital letter A" 2. The power of this symbol is immediately established when our narrator places the scarlet letter upon his chest and instantly experiences a sensation of burning. This hints to the reader of the power that the scarlet letter will have over the story they are about to embark upon.

    • Word count: 1945
  2. Find 3 passages in which Shelly explores the importance of the female.

    This description reveals Frankenstein's view of Elizabeth as a perfect, angel-like being. Frankenstein enjoys the fact that she is delicate looking and suggests she is delicate and needs protecting. Frankenstein describes Elizabeth as being 'calmer and more concentrated' than himself. He explains that Elizabeth 'busied herself with following the aerial creations of poets.' Here, it almost seems that Frankenstein is mocking Elizabeth for being so na�ve as to enjoy something that is not based on facts and science. This emphasizes the image of women as being ideal, harmless creatures.. From the beginning Frankenstein views Elizabeth as little more than a 'pretty present' to, 'protect, love and cherish.'

    • Word count: 1372

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