John McGrath

Assignment 8: 'Flight'

There he was alone in the corner of the garden leaning backwards on his deckchair. The sun is shining and the weather is sweet. The type of weather he was looking forward to for his pigeons. They hated the cold. He never seemed the same without his favourite granddaughter, like there was something missing. After all he had only himself and his memories to keep him company. Nobody bothered about him anymore, only his daughter, who to be honest he did not appreciate. He found her attitude towards him annoying and condescending. She treats him like a child. Nobody enjoys being treated like a child, being bossed around all the time, and being patronised. He was contemplating on the past. He had not seen his granddaughter since the day she left home and moved on with her life. She is married now, nobody was there to see the big day, just her and Steven. He began to think back to the day when he realised he had lost her forever...

...I can remember that day as if it was yesterday, the sense of the garden was warm and welcoming, the trees were bristling in the wind and the pigeons were fluttering in their dovecote. Everything was going fine. I was in the garden playing with my bird, admiring its plumage. I loved all of my birds. But this one was my favourite out of them all. It was a special bird to me, I had had it for over five years and I never wanted to let it go I never wanted it to fly the nest. Just like I never wanted to let Alice go. I never wanted Alice to fly the nest, she, like the bird, is my favourite granddaughter I never wanted to see her leave me. But it was inevitable that she would leave that she would fly the nest like all my other granddaughters and forget about me just like them other them. I was powerless to stop her she never took any real notice of me. Alice and Steven were in love and at the time I was too childish and stubborn to realise it. I was trying to get my bird to fly. Then I saw them together. I stopped my bird spreading its wings and leaving me just like I wanted Alice to do. I wanted her to stop spreading her wings and flying away. The bird and Alice were the two most important things in my life at that time. I would have hated to see either of them leave me.

I did everything in my power to try stopping her from seeing Steven. I tried treating her like a child, talking down to her but she was too clever for me. She treated me like the child and I now accept that I was being childish. I was kidding myself I could not interfere with their relationship. I had to accept that she was growing and as she grew so did I. My acceptance of their relationship came clearer as the day went on and how I noticed how close they were to each other. I now realise that she was a young woman with a mind of her own she was never going to listen to an old fool like me. She responded to my childish antics in a mature manor and how you would accept a young woman to respond: she mocked my foolish words, laughed at me and made me feel ridiculous. And I did feel ridiculous. Who was I to tear their love apart? She and Steven were absorbed cooing birds and that is what she was trying to tell me that her and Steven are in love I was too foolish to understand. But I was trapped in my own selfishness. When Alice left I was left all alone with my pigeons and my daughter. She, always ordering me around and telling me what to do, treated me like a child. Lucy was always telling me to leave Alice and Steven alone but I could not. I was like the child demanding my own happiness.
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Watching the pair walking over to the Frangipani tree angered me. Linked by one another at the arm they truly were a pair and I could not prevent this. My adolescent behaviour was not working it was time to accept what they had was true love and no old fool like me had the power to break this bond. My granddaughter was being taking away from me in front of my own eyes. But I tried to prevent it. I told her that this Alice in Wonderland relationship would not go on forever. I tried telling her that ...

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