Green is most prominent in the scenery behind Gatsby's mansion, namely

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Importance of Color

Colors in novels and movies can be used to symbolize larger and grander themes which are central to the subject. In the case of the Great Gatsby there are a distinct number of colors which play a central symbolic role: green, white and grey.

        Green is most prominent in the scenery behind Gatsby’s mansion, namely the green light which blinks from the Buchanan’s dock. The green light represents all of Gatsby’s combined aspirations, hopes and dreams for the future, past and present. In terms of the past it represents what he lost; since it is Mrs. Daisy Buchanan’s dock he is longing over. Gatsby associates it with Daisy, and in the darkness he even reaches towards it with hope and yet despair. Though in addition Gatsby’s search for Daisy is generally related to his search for the American dream. So the color of green is also a representation for more than just the green light.

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        More specifically it is also the color of envy and money. These are two very prominent themes in the book. In relation to Gatsby, he is envious of Tom since he has something which he can never buy, Daisy. She has a lot of personal significance to Jay and for him to know that she sleeps beside a “no good man” each night infuriates him with envy and motivates him to strive even harder for his goal.

        Money, mostly wealth in a general sense, is an important theme too in this book since it is what drives most of ...

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