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In this excerpt from the story, Beowulf tells the people that he is not afraid of this fiend and that he will conquer Grendel at all costs.

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"Grendel is no braver, no stronger than I am! I could kill him with my sword; I shall not, easy as it would be. This fiend is a bold and famous fighter, but his claws and teeth scratching at my shield, his clumsy fists beating at my sword blade, would be helpless. I will meet him with my hands empty- unless his heart fails him, seeing a soldier waiting weaponless, unafraid. Let God in his wisdom extend His hand where He wills, reward whom He chooses!" (Lines 677-687) In this excerpt from the story, Beowulf tells the people that he is not afraid of this fiend and that he will conquer Grendel at all costs. He also shows qualities of a hero when he talks as if the fight will be no match for him and that he will not even need weaponry to defeat the mighty Grendel. ...read more.


He shows hero qualities by standing up to the enemy in a time of mass chaos while all other people run and hide from the intruder. When the people finally see that Beowulf has tamed the monster with his bare hands they being to believe that he truly is their hero because he has finally begun to prove himself. Lastly, the people witness him taming this monster not with weaponry but with his bare hands, which was doubted by many people and probably even some of his followers. This also shows his heroic strength, which is his main attribute, which separates him from other ordinary people. This is the first sign in his path to heroism and it began to make people believe. "The victory, for the proof, hanging high from the rafters where Beowulf had hung it, was the monster's arm, claw and shoulder and all." ...read more.


"Not even the sharpest of swords could have cut it through, broken it off the monster's arm and ended its life, as Beowulf had done armed with only his bare hands." (Lines 987-990) In this extract of the story, the bard brags of Beowulf's one special heroic "power", his strength. The bard tells the people that "not even the sharpest of swords..." could have not done the damage that Beowulf did with his bare hands. The object of this excerpt is to ensure people that Beowulf is a true hero and that he has performed unnatural tasks that were thought impossible for a human to do, which further proves why he is regarded to as a hero. Basically the bard tells us this because he wanted to show how extraordinary of a person Beowulf was and that he deserved the title of hero. It embellished the tale a tiny bit to make Beowulf seem as if he were god-like. ...read more.

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