Is The Educational System Really Providing an Education?

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Gerson Belmonte

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27 February 2012

Is The Educational System Really Providing an Education?

School, the place where all individuals go through according to society’s standard to achieve success. The purpose of going to school is usually viewed as in to get a good education, and therefore becoming educated. Going to an institution of higher education and becoming that successful American the United States always portrays, is what everyone seems to need in order to be a good successful citizen. But are Americans really getting an education? Are they really becoming educated? Or are they just schooled, by trained teachers following the standards given by the government? Taylor Gatto’s premise in his essay describes how the United States’ education system is only schooling Americans rather than educating them. According to Gatto, the school system is nothing more than a system to only fabricate good people, good citizens, and to make each person at his or her personal best. He states that the system’s purpose is to create good citizens who conform, consume and produce. He therefore writes in his essay that since education isn’t in society’s best interests or priorities, a real education is only reserved for those who are privileged or actively pursue it, taking it. He basically declares that the U.S educational system is joke and that if a person is to achieve something in life, he or she must educate themselves. Gatto’s essay expounds in many other works that shows that students in American schools are being schooled and not educated. The system makes all Americans to just want to be average and conform to being a copy of that of a fellow classmate. Americans have concluded that all they care about is grades and thus have developed an obsession for evaluation and that of being of a higher status in society. There is also evidence that proves that kids in the U.S. are not receiving enough time in academics like those of foreign countries and not even high paying teachers at charter schools can make the students test scores high enough.

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It is certainly that since its foundations, the educational system has always made students pursue grades and become “grade collectors” to feel good about them, to have a notion that they have accomplished something and therefore they “show off” their grades as a medal to society. Most of the students in the system just want to be average. But it should be all about knowledge and with this the ability to do many things in the world “providing a critical perspective on society, and allowing it to act as though it was living beyond the limiting boundaries of themselves.”(Rose). The ...

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