Original Writing

Maybe if I didn’t give in too early, then it might have been different. Mum always told me to watch out. I didn’t listen.

I just didn’t listen.

As I reluctantly woke up that morning feeling extremely tired. The scent of the honeysuckle floated dreamily through the air. Beaming in through my window, the sun’s rays danced like a flickering candle on the wall.

It’s been so long. It felt good.

 Outside, the birds were singing like a choir to welcome the day. Downstairs, my mother was preparing breakfast. How I wish I could have told her. Why didn’t I? What could she have done? The aroma of freshly cooked bacon jolted me back to reality.

Rolling over, I made an attempt to block out the inevitable. I felt uneasy. Why? Today was going to be different. Leaving smiling faces behind me, I enveloped myself in defenseless feelings. My tiresome eyes fixed to the ground in front, as I strolled unwillingly towards what the day had to bring. The smell of fresh air eased my pain, while I gazed up into the smiling sun.  It was as if my life was about to change but I wasn’t too sure how. Was this going to be an ordinary day?

Join now!

A few minutes later, I stepped through the double oak doors where I spent most of my day. The decrepit structure looked at me menacingly. Feeling as if I was passing through hell, I saw the devil himself.


Well known around this part of town, he offered everyone he came across part of his stash. Trying to avoid his sly grin, I rushed into the nearest classroom, He stopped me. It was always like this. He would give me a good licking if I didn’t buy. I felt helpless. Mrs. Richards greeted me with a sympathetic smile. She ...

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