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Original Writing - A Bad Day Gets Worse

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A Bad Day gets Worse Mitch Ward English Coursework Right. Time to clean that dump of a room. I haven't been in there for ages now but I'm really not sure why. I wonder what new species of mould and fungi have developed in there. I don't want to think about that now, especially after last night. I had so much to drink and don't get me started on the drugs. Anyway, back to cleaning that room. I'm too scared to even open the door. Oh well. Here I go... OUCH! God that hurt. I wasn't expecting an ironing board to fall on me! I always wondered why things hurt more when you never knew it was going to happen. I think I've really hurt my leg. Maybe I should go to the doctors. Or maybe I won't. He'll know I was drinking so much and doing all of them drugs last night, especially with all of his high tech gadgets. ...read more.


Not many here. I've always never been a ladies man myself. Still single at the moment, I am very picky with my girls. What's this one? I remember the handwriting. Alice Taylor. She was a stunner. Maybe her number is on one of the notes. Forget it. As if she is going to have the same number as five years ago! I'm getting bored now. I'll have a break. Go to town or something. For god's sake, how long is this bus going to be? Finally it's here. What a rip off. I used to pay seventy pence to get to town with my mates. Now it's flipping one pound fifty! Nothing I can do about it though. Like a lot of things I don't like. Today I've got a plan. Try and get a girl's number. I've got my best clothes on and I've at least tried to look good. ...read more.


No more smelly flat, no more drugs and maybe a little less drink. I've been with Alice for 8 months now. It has been the best 8 months of my life since leaving school. The day I find a note of Alice in my old school bag, the day we get back together. It's a miracle. I'm SO happy. Nothing can go wrong now. Wait a second. Please don't tell me that was a dream. How did I end up on the bus? Oh my god it was a dream, I knew it was too good to be true. I cannot believe it. Today went from a bad day to the best day of my life to the worse day of my life. My head is just playing with me. Too many drugs messing with my head. My life is worthless. I'm not going to let it get any worse. I'm going to go home and sleep. The only time I enjoy myself is when I'm sleeping. It's just my luck. Let's just hope tomorrow goes better. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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