Henry Miller


I think it’s necessary to inform you of the basics of my life first of all:

I am English and I am originally from England. My first home was situated there and I lived there for about 7 years. When I was seven, my parents decided to relocate my family to a country called 'Dubai' which is where I currently live at this point in time. I will live here until I am 18 years of age, which is when I will go back to England to study in some university or other. One big circle.

Seeing as my family and old friends all live in England, we go back there every summer holiday to live in our old house for about two months and see everyone again. We have been doing this every holiday since we moved to Dubai, and I am in no doubt that we will continue to do so until I go back there permanently, for university.

There you go; those are all the facts you need to know for the time being. Bored yet? Good, because that is the gist of my tale.

These summers in England that I have been talking about are just that. Boring. So boring, in fact that the luxuries of talking to flowers or watching paint dry are made to look like activities only the highest forms of life are allowed to partake in.

Join now!

All right, maybe I am being a bit over-dramatic, but you get my drift - my holidays in England are not very exciting.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I don't enjoy 2 months away from school; quite the contrary, but doing absolutely nothing for that particular period of time is far from interesting.

However, as boring as it may be, I am going to write about it. The visit to England that I had last summer.

When we stepped out of the airport into the fresh, brisk air of England, I knew at once that nothing ...

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