Points of interest in 'Mother' and 'Empty Sky'

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Points of interest in ‘Mother’ and ‘Empty Sky’

To find the points of interest within these pieces of writing I have collected some views from the class discussions on both and expressed my own opinions of motives for writing them.

To give vent to the interesting points I am going to compare parts of ‘Mother’ and ‘Empty Sky’, identifying similar and opposite meanings, forms and motives.

Each has its own motive but the implications of the feelings manifesting in each stem from almost the exact same emotions.

The first point I would like to address is the element of ‘recovery’ that runs in a deep vain through both.  

In ’Mother’ this is brought to the surface at the end of the poem as an epilogue to the body of feelings and emotions that the boy/man experiences when moving from his mother’s home.

        “I reach towards a hatch that opens on an endless sky to fall or fly.”

This last line is the definitive moment; all becomes clear to him in an ‘endless sky’ of possibilities – Does he accept the change and excel in life? Or, does he crumple beneath the pressures of the world around him?

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This is where I feel ‘recovery’ becomes an evident part of the poem; by over-coming the shock of being alone and conducting his life ton the conventions know to society as ‘normality’ he has ‘recovered’ from this event in his life.

The ‘recovery’ of America and rest of the world mirror this in ‘Empty Sky’ rather obviously after the nine-eleven tragedy.

Though ‘Empty Sky’ is, in fact, a song, its lyrics can be analysed to uncover meanings and motives like any piece of poetry.

This song was written by Bruce Springsteen to feature on his album dedicated ...

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