Adam and Eve

The dramatic characters of Adam and eve have led to a spectrum of opinions, which touch issues regarding the roles of the sexes even today. Milton’s dramatization of the biblical eve was interpreted vain, having trivia; characteristics inclined to fall. What was ignored was Milton’s assertion of eternal; providence for both man and woman. Virginia Woolf and many other literary women’s view are that Milton's verse is a powerful rendering of a culture myth, which is at the heart of west literary patriarchy. Reasons for this are that it is the story of a woman's secondness. her "otherness" which leads to her demonic anger, her fall, her sin, her fall and her exclusion from the garden of god's which for her is the garden of poetry.  According to the feminists, milt shows Adam as god's favored creature, and eve as inferior who is satanically inspired. . For most women writers Milton and creature of his literary imagination constitute what 'Gertrude stein' calls patriarchal poetry.


Adam and eve are capable of obedience to god; eve prefers to believe the devil. Adam loves his place of eve above his love of god. Of their free will they are disobedient. Eve before the fall is innocent womanhood, and after the fall is guilty womanhood. God is their creaotor and he has forbidden them to eat the fruit. The obligation to obey is stressed again and again in the account of Eden. Eve has a double obligation of obedience to obey Adam as well as god. Eve before the fall is the weaker vessel. Eve returns to the day of her creation, dwelling at some length upon the

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Eve relates to God's law through her husband, who is her law. She is not told about the prohibition by God, but by her husband. Adam is made "for God only, she for God in him" This hierarchy, argues Maureen Mulligan, "negates a direct relationship between God and woman"

The Eve of Paradise Lost actually assumes a lesser role in the rule of the earth. It is Adam's "fair large front and eye sublime" that declares "absolute rule”

Milton does not so powerfully compound Eve's inferiority--in image, intellect, spirit, and dominion--merely because he is a product of ...

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