Scene Analysis of Vinegar Tom

Scene One

We meet Alice and the Man (who only appears in this scene). However the audience wouldn’t know or recognises her as Alice until she appears in Scene 3.

Scene Two

We meet Jack and Margery for the first time. There is one sign that things in this town aren’t going that well. We can tell this because of the line: ”Died last week. There’s two or three cows died in the neighbourhood. ”

Scene Three

In this scene we meet Joan Noakes who Margery and Jack spoke about in the previous scene. Joan Noakes is a poor widow and is Alice’s Mother

Scene Four

In this scene Margery is attempting to make butter. Because the butter won’t form she starts to sing a song. I presume she starts to sing cos she is quite superstitious. Joan arrives to asks Margery for yeast to make some loaves of bread and then if there some yeast left some beer, now because of this Margery replies no because as far as she’s concerned Joan would just use it all to make beer and then she’d get drunk. Then because Margery won’t help her, Joan damns the butter that Margery is making to hell.

        At the end of the scene Margery decides to use a horseshoe to place in the milk to make the butter come.

Scene Five

In this scene Alice and Susan (our first meeting) talk about Alice and the man’s meeting. Susan

Then goes on to talk about how she has had a miscarriage. This could possibly be her second, as Alice says; “Not again does he know?” When referring to “he” she means Susan husband.

        Susan points out that because Eve tempted Adam to eat the apple from the tree in Eden. That a women pays God with her pain of having a child.

        After this they refer back to Scene 1 and what happened there.

Join now!

        Shortly after this Jack enters to talk to Alice’s Mother but before that he starts talkin to Alice About how he feels about her, the reason he has been sticking up for her is because he has feelings for Alice. So        as soon as he starts on this she calls her mother. Jack and Alice then start insulting each other.

Scene Six

This scene is probably one of the shortest. It is a duologue between the doctor and Betty.

        Betty is tied to a chair and the doctor is about to bleed her arm, which is to release ...

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