The “Dangers” of Fantasy “Harry Potter

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The "Dangers" of Fantasy

"Harry Potter!! Harry Potter!!" Anyone that hasn't heard that name must have just awoken from a five-year coma. This series of children's books has reignited kids' desire to read and while doing so entertained numerous adults. I confess, I'm a bona fide "Potter-Head." I read the first three books in three days. The day the fourth came out, I had my hands on a copy and within 36 hours, I'd eagerly and excitedly thumbed through over 700 pages of magic. These books have everything: friends, foes, romance, despair, action, family, suspense, murder - "Murder? Did he just say murder? Well we can't let children be exposed to this."

Sadly, it seems that this is the growing opinion of the conservative parents of America. Any work deemed even the smallest bit offensive is immediately put "on trial." Be it literature, music, films, or television, it is equal prey to these "protectors" of our nation's future. Children are being denied great works, the Harry Potter books being just one of many. Why? Can the children handle the violence, death or villains? Instead of denying the kids wholesome entertainment that has a little bit of an edge, we should use these avenues of expression to teach them a little bit about real life.
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Maybe the easiest and most obvious thing to teach your children is the difference between fact and fiction. For the five or six year-old this might be confusing, but once they get any older, I'm sure they could figure it out. Take for instance, the Harry Potter books (I'll be using them as examples from here on out). These novels are fantastical. Harry's world is full of children riding on broomsticks, banks run by goblins, and owls delivering mail. When your children read this, talk to them. Make sure they realize that this is the same world in ...

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