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The BFG Chapter 9.

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English: The BFG Chapter 9 What is the purpose of this Chapter? By this stage in the book it has become obvious that Sophie is a strong girl, who is not easily intimidated, and Sophie is more comfortable understanding that the BFG means her no harm, and the two have now formed a close friendship. The Chapter's chief purpose, indicated by its title, is to introduce a giant named the Bloodbottler. Setting the BFG aside, the Bloodbottler is the closest Sophie has encountered another giant. The Chapter furthermore establishes the fact that the BFG is not one of the other giants and difference are clearly shown, for example The Bloodbottler refers to the BFG as "Runt" and is accusing him of "petting" a human in his cave. In a deeper underlying plot, the chapter is creating the bond between the BFG and Sophie, showing his compassion and resilience to let her be harmed. ...read more.


Can you extract any other words in the chapter that also represent The Bloodbottler's personality? 'Boomed' 'Tangled' 'Craggy' 'Ghastly' Ideas and Themes revealed in the "Bloodbottler The idea of the chapter is reinforce the differences between the BFG and the other giants. This is directly revealed through comments made by the BFG such as "you ought to be ashamed" and "you is disgusting", but equally by the Bloodbottler's remarks too, "..and you is an insult to the giant peoples", discrediting the BFG, in its self a negative remark, however the BFG take comfort in knowing he is not one of them. This chapter is creating the grounds for many themes that will be aroused later in the book, ask yourself how clear these themes are to you and then as a class we can list them. ...read more.


There is nothing that makes a child laugh more than an adult suddenly farting in a room"... (Roald Dahl in 1983 in an interview with a critic) Language and Grammar Preceding this chapter, the book had established a common lexical field; aimed specifically for children to understand, whether reading or listening. This obviously is in exempt from invented words, of which their use by Dahl is intensified in this chapter, for instance "fifthsome" = filthy + loathsome, and "snozzcumber", a foul vegetable that grows where the BFG lives that he eats in preference to Human "beans". This additionally includes the jabberwocky (words that have no meaning) that Dahl uses such as "pigswiller" and "...swinebuggler!" What attitudes and values are being presented? The writers' attitude towards child imagination is carried throughout this chapter, and the book. Constantly he is trying to stimulate the mind, chiefly through the wild lexis. 'The Bloodbottler' is the first chapter paralleling the BFG and Roald Dahl's own life. ...read more.

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