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The distrust between two sexes.

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�.Bugra Telemez 20300347 101.38 Tug�e Arikan THE DISTRUST BETWEEN TWO SEXES Defining patriarchy explains the reasons for the treatment of women through the ages and what it means to their future and success in life. Patriarchy not only explains how our society functions but how it controls women. Patriarchy is best defined as control by men. The opposite is matriarchy which means women are in charge and the head of families. Obviously, the culture of the Turkey and most other countries is patriarchal. Men have the power and control the women. Women constantly must fight for their rights and sometimes they struggle just to survive without the power and domination of men threatening them. Whether an individual woman wants to conquer patriarchy will come from her desire to be independent and defined outside the context of men. Look at most world leaders to see how powerful patriarchy is. All of the succeeded leaders are men. Women are certainly as capable as men to be President of the Republic of Turkey or President of United States , yet they are not and probably will not be any time soon. ...read more.


You have to realize that your partner is just a human like you, and you have to accept him/her that way. Let us say a girl who loves her father so much and has a good relationship with him. Her father dies and when she becomes an adult, she wants to find someone just as her father, but she does not know that no one can be like her father. Karen Horney states that "We take the magnitude of such overvaluation for the measure of our love, while in reality it merely expresses the magnitude of our expectatitons" (Horney 109). Society's longings for happiness has so many expectations of what love should be, in the end, there may be disappontments, because no one knows the real definition of love so we create this definition and each time this "unhappened" expectations can break our hearts. Next, Karen Horney states that "childhood reflections cause a certain number of expectations that are handed down by generations" (Horney 110). Reflections that people have from their childhood carve the person into what they are as an adult. ...read more.


This is very dangerous situation because when you are trying to create the "perfect" person inside your partner, fear of love appears suddenly and you broke up with your partner and give up from trying to be in love. For example you found a man just the same as you, but you are in love with your ex-boyfriend. You think that your ex-boyfriend is the "perfect" person but he wasn't. Because of your obsession to your ex-boyfriend, you may skip and lose your "spiritual partner". Horney continues her ideas on love. She tells that "The many-faceted thing called love succeeds in buildings bridges from the loneliness on this shore to the loneliness on the other one. These bridges can be of great beauty, but they are rarely built for eternity and frequently they cannot tolarate too heavy a burden without collapsing"(Horney 111) For me, If we want to build strong bridges, we have to respect to eachother In conclusion, I want to say that I agree with the writer in childhood experiences. For me, whe have to share this world equally for much happiness. Patriarchy or Matriarchy cannot be a dispersion into two sexes. The solution is only respect to eachother. ...read more.

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