The House of Pride and the House of Holiness - The Comparison.

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The House of Pride and the House of Holiness dramatically differ from each other in the ‘Faerie Queene’, being epitomes of the absolute good and the absolute evil.  They also show the path which the Redcrosse Knight took on a spiritual and literal level. He travels from the House of Pride, straying the farthest from the path of righteousness and falling into sin, to the House of Holiness where he faces redemption and is completely recuperated and returned to the path of righteousness.

The paths leading to the House of Holiness and the House of Pride are very dissimilar.  The path to salvation and righteousness is harder to find as it is narrow, less traveled by.  The path to damnation, though, is easy to find being very wide and beaten flat by all the travelers. The House of Holiness was built on rock foundations, in logical opposition with the House of Pride.  This symbolizes that the holiness and righteousness are strong, everlasting and constant as the rock itself.  It is also an allusion to St. Peter whose name means ‘rock’ and who is in the New Testament regarded as the guide to the people of God.  The House of Pride, on the other hand, was built only on sand without any mortar and as such is only superficial, temporary, only an illusion.  The old proverb teaches that ‘not everything that shines is gold’, and the House of Pride proves it well; its gleaming gold walls are in fact only foil, its bright façade only a deceiving exterior hiding the old and ruined interior.  

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The House of Holiness is well organized and disciplined, almost like a monastery, while the House of Pride is organized loosely and without discipline, like a court.  While social climbing and frivolous entertainment, to distract and divert the bored people, are of main importance at the House of Pride, in the House of Holiness the habitants are too busy to need or want such things.  The Seven Deadly Sins are the motion or the ‘wheels’ behind the notion of the House of Pride or hell, with Queen Lucifera in charge. But at the House of Holiness it’s the corporal acts ...

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