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The Real Final Problem.

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The Real Final Problem After my friend Sir Arthur Conan Doyle buy the detective story plots from Agatha Christie, it is a near scandal, imagine what if this is exposed. Anyway, this problem is solved, by using large amount of money. He writes the story according the plots, it is another popular press. He still, however, has a 10 books contract with the press, and now he is upset about finishing other stories. One day, while he was thinking about the story plots, although he was clueless, Agatha Christie came in the office, she opened the door and walked in the office elegantly. ...read more.


"Just calm down, I know you have trouble on the 10 books left for your contract with the press, let me show you something. Without any idea, you cannot write anything, here are my new plots, you want to have it?" "New plots? That is great! But wait a minute, how much for these this time?" "They are not very expensive, just 150 pounds each," she said. "150 pounds each? That is extortion! Do you really think that your plots worth this price? I will not buy your new plots anyway; I rather break the contract and quit being an author." Doyle exclaimed. "Are you sure you do not want the plots?" asked Christie. "Of course!" ...read more.


Now I give you an advice; do not think that you will be safe if you destroy these documents now, because I still have copies kept in my friends. So now what is your decision for the deal, Dr Doyle?" "Alright, so nothing else I can do but write another check to you." said Doyle, sadly. He drew his check book out and wrote the amount of 1500 pounds this time. "Well, thank you Dr. Doyle, I am glad to deal with you. I will come back if you have any trouble again." My poor friend, Doyle, he still has to pay a lot of money to cover this near scandal, maybe this is the real final problem in my friend Doyle's author life. ...read more.

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