Who is responsible for King Duncan's murder?

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Who is responsible of King Duncan’s murder?

Who is responsible for King Duncan’s murder?

The tale “Macbeth” is one of relationships, betrayal, destruction and murder. A tale which is linked to every individual character. The question for my assignment is “Who is responsible for King Duncan’s murder”. I shall answer my question using character analysis, quotes, and points looking at two points of views. My essay question is quite complex and debatable to answer as there are many characters linked to the murder; Macbeth is not solely to blame. I shall focus on my suspects one by one.

The three witches, servants of the devils, are very important because they open the play and tell Macbeth and Banquo their future which is partly the cause of the murder of King Duncan. My first suspects are the three witches. The reason for this is their dark prophecy for Macbeth: “All hail Macbeth that shalt be king hereafter”

The witch’s prediction gave an indication to Macbeth about the future. It told him that he will become king. This prediction made Macbeth wonder how he can get obtain the throne. Another prediction was made by the witch’s: “All hail Macbeth hail to thee Thane of Cowdor”  

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This prediction was also in Macbeth’s mind and soon after it had come true, this is proof of the other predictions coming true and eventually they did, but it involved the murder of King Duncan which was carried out by Macbeth. However the prediction about Macbeth becoming Thane of Cowdor could also be a coincidence because Macbeth is a great warrior and shows much love to his cousin or it could also be because the previous thane rebels against the king. After hearing the predictions Macbeth was eager to know more: “Say, you imperfect speaker’s”

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