Write an essay in which you identify, describe and evaluate the main ideas in at least three poems by diffrernt authors.

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Three poems by three different authors




Lord Byron: Don Juan (Canto II)


She loved, and was beloved - she adored,
    And she was worshipp'd; after nature's fashion,
  Their intense souls, into each other pour'd,
    If souls could die, had perish'd in that passion,-
  But by degrees their senses were restored,
    Again to be o'ercome, again to dash on;
  And, beating 'gainst his bosom, Haidee's heart
  Felt as if never more to beat apart.

  Alas! they were so young, so beautiful,
    So lonely, loving, helpless, and the hour
  Was that in which the heart is always full,
    And, having o'er itself no further power,
  Prompts deeds eternity can not annul,
    But pays off moments in an endless shower
  Of hell -fire - all prepared for people giving
  Pleasure or pain to one another living.



Lots of punctuation has been used in this poem, perhaps to make you stop and think about the situation. The varied type of punctuation excels the effectiveness of this poem making it come across very strongly.

The last line of each verse breaks the structure that the poem has set out, Therefore breaking the persistence that the author has used throughout the poem. In relation to this, the structures of the rhymes on the first verse are very similar to those on the second verse. This has helped to make the poem very structured and persistent evidentially making the poem flow along easily.

The structure of the poem is very persistent. This has made the poem flow along easily and has made the poem slightly easier to understand. Then again some may argue that the continuous persistence of the poem has made it a bit boring and perhaps the author could have made it slightly more interesting by making it less persistent.

“Their intense souls, into each other pour'd” The word poured makes everything seem so easy and calm, like there is no problem to worry about. The metaphor makes the person come across strongly and helps to make the poem sound more passionate.

The assonance on the first, third and fifth line rhyme, therefore helping the poem to flow easily, ‘adored’, ‘poured’ and ‘restored’.

The line, “And, beating 'gainst his bosom, Haidee's heart” explains a few things to the reader. Firstly, it comes to be quiet a visual sense. The reader can quite easily portray this image in their minds. Secondly, this portrays the image of comfort. The reader gets the feeling of warmth and love which helps the poem to be very emotive and sexual. This line also explains to the reader two very important things. The word “his” tells us that there is a male figure involved. The word “Haidees’s” is a female name and therefore tells us that there is a female involved. These are the only two words that tell us there are people in the poem; consequently we believe that there are only two people. This also relates to the fact of the poem being very sexual.

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The first word on the second verse, “Alas”, makes it seem like the couple have just finished having sexual intercourse. The first verse has sounded like perhaps the poet is talking about the sexual intercourse itself and the second verse sounds like he is talking just after the sexual intercourse.

The poem becomes upbeat in the beginning of the second verse, “so young, so beautiful, so lonely, loving, helpless”. This makes the reader wake up from the calm flow that the poem has before this.

The first verse seems to praise the woman as if she were a ...

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