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After careful consideration over the possible investigations that can be carried out with the data at hand, I have made a decision on the investigation that I am going to carry out.

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Statistics Coursework


       After careful consideration over the possible investigations that can be carried out with the data at hand, I have made a decision on the investigation that I am going to carry out.

  I want to investigate the times in ten minute periods at which goals are scored; this will be done for all four of the league results that I have.  I want to do this investigation so that I can find out in what ten minutes of the game, the most goals are scored.


             The way in which I can obtain the data that I want to analyse, has to be unbiased.  The reason is so that the investigation becomes fair and as correct as it can possibly be.  I already have me resource for data, this resource contains the football results from four of England’s largest football leagues and contains the results of them for six consecutive weeks.  I am going to use this resource to carry out my investigation; these results are totally factual and have no biased approach to my investigation whatsoever.  

  From observation of the resource that I have, I see that the Premiership league has less games played on a weekly basis than the other leagues do, this is due to less teams being in the Premiership than in the other leagues and divisions.  Due to this, I will have to pick as many teams as possible per week from the Premiership for analysis, and then use that same number to pick from the other leagues.  For example, if the Premiership only has nine results and the other leagues have

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After my first Pilot Study I can see that there is not really a solid enough foundation for me to base any firm prediction on.  Due to this I will need to repeat my pilot study; however I am going to change the length of the study and by this I mean that more results are going to be used and probably over two weeks worth of results rather than just one.  The reason for this is to get more results for me to analyse and then hopefully see any trends and relationships; I can also then gather a sound prediction for the main investigation from more results because I can hopefully see at which time more goals are scored from this new data collection method.  Basically, with this larger collection of data collection I will be able to find out what I am looking for, this would be by being able to see more goals and the times that they are scored, then I can hopefully also see at what times the goals are most likely to be scored, which is my main investigation, and so I will be able to draw up a firm prediction from this.  

  To get a larger number of results I have taken results from two weeks, these weeks have been picked at random and so week three and week five have been selected.  This is a pilot study and the analysis is what really matters at this stage, and that is why I am not taking much consideration over the selection of data and the way that I am going to collect the data or choose it.  On looking at the football resource I have, I can see that the Premiership fixtures are less than the Division One fixtures.

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  I do think that a few extra graphs and charts could be added for each set of data; however, I have only done this for the main investigation not the sub investigations.  The reason for this is simple; I want to spend more time on the main investigation than I do on the others.  Sometimes, adding too much to the sub investigations makes it harder to analyse the data and it is a very long process to create and analyse them.  

  I have used the certain graphs and charts that I have due to their relevance with the data.  I thought that the graphs and charts would show the relevant data clearly and in the most efficient way, I had many other types of presentation methods which I could use, however I only used the ones that I had because they are more efficient in data presentation.  I have hand drawn a set of pie charts so that I can test my own understanding of how to draw up charts with set data, this has proved successful as I see that I have managed to produce sufficient pie charts to go with the data.  

  I have come to my conclusions for each of the investigations due to careful planning of my pilot studies and then careful analysis of them.  I have taken relevant predictions from the results of the pilot studies and I have also taken the same layout of the pilot studies for my main investigation.  These have worked well to show me to my conclusions.  Due to my pilot studies and planning I have seen that the whole investigation became very easy.  This is how I came to my conclusions so easily.  

  Overall, I think that the whole investigation went very well and that I have come to the correct conclusions, therefore I would put this whole investigation down as a success.  I thoroughly enjoyed this investigation and have increased my knowledge of statistics from it.

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