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"Automatic model transformations using extended UML object diagrams in modeling environments".

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SC207 Software Engineering - Term Paper 2003

Automatic Model Transformations Using Extended UML Object Diagrams in Modeling Environments

Chathapuram V Satish

Year 2 Computer Engineering

Nanyang Technological University

[email protected]


“Automatic model transformations using extended UML object diagrams in modeling environments”.

Author: Dragan Milicev

Source: Software Engineering, IEEE Transactions, Volume: 28,   Issue: 4,   Apr 2002, Page(s): 413-431


Dragan Milicev received the diploma degree in 1993, Msc degree in 1995, and PhD degree in 2001 all in computer science at the School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia. His research interests include object oriented software engineering, metamodeling and information systems. His personal webpage can be found at http://www.rcub.bg.ac.yu/~dmilicev.image01.jpg


Modeling is a critical part of all the activities that are involved in the deployment of an engineering system. Modeling tools that provide an interface to implement, apply, check and visualize the modeling process are available and make the entire process less cumbersome and tedious. One of the most important features of the modeling tools is the automatic generation of an output and this is the main focus of discussion in the above stated paper. The output can be documentation, source code, net list or any other model created by the user. The problem relies on the automatic translation of problem domain1 to the target domain.

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October 2000


Automatic Model Transformations Using Extended UML Object Diagrams in Modeling Environments


Description of the procedure to generate an output from UML object Diagrams. An earlier thesis of the present paper. (Technical Report – T1-ETF-RT1-00-0042).

Relevance to the article

Identical context and topic discussed. A bit more elaboration on some of the basic concepts covered in this paper.


 A.S. Karrer, W. Scaacchi


May 1993


Meta-Modeling the OO Methods, Tools, and Interopersability Facilities


This thesis discusses the creation of meta-models for objects and related concepts.

Relevance to the article

Construction of meta models is the crux of the domain mapping technique.


 JM Neighbors


September 1984


The Draco Approach to constructing software from Reusable Components (IEEE Transaction, Vol. 10, no.5 , pp. 564-574)


This paper discusses the dracos approach of reusing of mappings and domains of the repositories.

Relevance to the article

Milicev uses ideas of the Draco approach in his proposed approach to increase reusability of elements and extends them to objects.


G. Booch , J.Rumbaug, and I. Jacobson




The Unified Modeling Language User Guide


The guide provides details on the semantics of UML concepts.

Relevance to the article

Development of UML object diagrams in the intermediate domain level is the core feature of the thesis.


G. Nordstrom, J. Szipanovits, G. Karsai and A. Ledeczi




Metamodeling – Rapid Design and Evolution of Domain-specific Modeling Environments


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Some of the drawbacks are a higher level complexity required even to address a simple problem, concurrency related issues are not resolved, reusability cannot be taken for granted as some operations are language dependent etc:-. These issues are been addressed in the future work. This approach surely has proven that two conceptually different models can be bridged together effectively.


[1]          D. Milicev , “Automatic Model Transformations Using Extended UML Object Diagrams in Modeling Environments”, Technical Report - T1-ETF-RT1-00-0042,Univ. Belgrade, School of Electrical Eng., Oct 2000,also available at http://www.rcub.bg.ac.yu/ ~dmilicev.

[2]        JM Neighbors,” The Draco Approach to constructing software from Reusable Components “,IEEE Transaction Software Eng.,Vol. 10, no.5 , pp. 564-574, Sept 1984

[3]        MetaModel.com, Metamodeling Glossary, http://www.metamodel.com,1999

[4]        “Response to OMG RFPad/98-11-01: Action Semantics for the UML” version 16, http://www.omg.org, Sept. 2000.

[5]        B.selic, G.Gullekson, and P.Ward, Real-time Object Oriented Modeling. John Wiley and Sons, 1994

[6]        Ian Sommervile, Software Engineering, Pearson Education, 2001

[7]        Rational Software Corporation, Rational Rose,http://www.rational.com,1998


UML – Unified Modeling Language

OOP – Object oriented programming

OOPL - Object Oriented Programming Language

ROOM – Real Time Object Oriented Modeling


problem domain1 – refers to the conceptual space of the particular problem being solved by a concrete application or system

modeling domain – refers to the conceptual space of modeling various systems from similar problem domains using a certain modeling language, with defined syntax and semantics for that language.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our University Degree Software Engineering section.

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