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Building Information Management. In this paper we asked the question how Facility Managers can use BIM to help them develop into the future. To give an answer to this question we first analysis the usability of BIM for Facility Managers.

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How can BIM tools help the Facility Manager in (to) the future?

How can BIM tools help the Facility Manager in (to) the future?

Course:                Product modeling

                        Master: Construction and Real Estate Management

Teachers:                Mrs. P. Jäväjä

                        Mr. J. Salin

Place and date:        Berlin, 6th of May 2010


In this paper we asked the question how Facility Managers can use BIM to help them develop into the future. To give an answer to this question we first analysis the usability of BIM for Facility Managers. We found out that the BIM can definitely help the Facility Manager to plan projects/maintenance orientated. The focus here should lay on the complete Life Cycle of the building which due to the extended time of usage has to dare a look into the future.

We found out that this is possible but depends on future evolution of the BIM. We recommend to merge the main features of CAFM with BIM. This is necessary to avoid working with different software programs and BIM´s intent is to make the BIM database and process a long term “living tool.”

Keywords: Facility management, BIM, future, life cycle of a building

Table of contents

Table of contents        3

Chapter 1: Introduction        4

Background        4

1.2 Problem        5

1.3 Learning objectives _        5

1.4 Approach        5

Chapter 2: Analysis        5

2.1 Now        5

2.1.2  Planning & Construction        7

2.1.3  Usage        8

 2.1.4  Re-use        10

2.1.5  Demolishing        11

2.2 Future        11

2.2.1  BIM features in the future        11

2.2.2  How should BIM look like according to the FM demands?        12

Chapter 3: Results and Business Impacts        13

3.1 Key Findings        13

3.2 Business Impacts        13

3.3 Conclusion        13

3.4 Practical tips and Key Lessons        14

3.5 Author Biography _        14

David Schmidt        14

Louise van de Worp        14

References        15

Chapter 1:        Introduction

  1. Background

In this paragraph the background for the topic of this paper will be explained. The main topics of this paper are Facility Management (FM) and Building Information Modeling (BIM).

1.1.1        BIM

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Picture 2: Life Cycle Model

  1. 2.1.1                Concept/idea

Even though the actual design is done by architects, the facility manager will be part of the concept creating team, especially if he is in the role of a project developer. BIM software can help him in any case to see early drafts of the building from various perspectives and allows him to intervene when he notices design flaws that would make a reasonable use impossible. BIM software also gives the facility manager a handy tool to present visual results of the conception phase to the customer/investor before even going too deep into details.

Most importantly BIM programs can help the planners to implement the schedule of requirements into the design phase. A schedule of requirements is a word document with all the requirements/demands of the consumer.

Content of a schedule of requirements are in general:

  1. The conditions for usability
  2. Budget
  3. Time
  4. Location.

It contains information about the future user or target group like the number of employees, percentage of full and part time employees and other basic data like company structure. Functional demands can be special workflows that need to be enabled, goods that will be handled and means of communication that need to be available. BIM can also provide support for the calculation of space demands, like storage space, average size of an office or the number of parking lots. Technical demands that needs to be fulfilled could be certain load capacities for floors, maximum energy consumption or company policies on energy saving and easily maintainable technical equipment. image03.png


The pictures above show the work relation chart and the spot plan. The work relation chart shows witch departments work together a lot and which ones don’t need any information/communication from each other. When this relation chart is made together with m2

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The beneficiaries of the above definition can be a large group of people over the life of the building. This group could include owners, planners, realtors, appraisers, mortgage bankers, designers, engineers, estimators, specification writers, safety inspectors, occupational health specialists, environmentalists, contractors, lawyers, contract officers, sub-contractors, fabricators, code officials, operators, facilities managers, maintenance personnel, risk managers, renovators, first responders, demolition/deconstruction contractors and perhaps even others. Each of these people has their own view or use for the information in a BIM model. Some contribute information to the model, some simply read and use information from it, while some may do both.

  1. 3.4        Practical tips and Key Lessons

  • BIM can be used during the whole Life Cycle of a building
  • The main costs occur during the use of a building not during planning/construction
  • Facility Managers can/should use BIM
  • Facility Managers should have influence during the whole Life Cycle of the building
  • BIM needs some more adaptation for Facility Managers
  • BIM and CAFM got redundant features  




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[2]         See picture 1 for all the aspects of the Facility Manager

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