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There are several methods one can use to implement a business system. The two methods are parallel and cut-over. The implementation stage for Riordan Manufacturing project is a display of the crucial moments that make a project an achievement or a failure. The implementation stage tells all the details of modifications made operational. The beginning started after the system had been tested and accepted by the user.

This is like a packing slip for the code files in your implementation. Make note if you have added/removed/renamed/etc. any classes/methods/member variables/functions/etc. state the language (or languages) in which you will implement your project,

  1. list the names of the source and header code files that will contain your implementation,
  2. list the classes and functions that will appear in those files, saying whether each class or function is declared or defined in that file, and
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The assumption that the users trained during system implementation will informally. Pass on their knowledge to future users You need to provide users with enough security information so they can make informed decisions about how to deploy a program securely. Because security and usability might conflict, you also need to educate users about the threats that exist and the balance between risk and functionality when deciding how to deploy and operate software programs. User documentation stay up to date.

The schedule for conducting the requisite training sessions is established by the training manager, based on the requirements outlined in the implementation plan.

The individuals who will receive the training are first identified, based on the criteria described in the training plan. Each individual is then contacted to explain the purpose of the training and to determine the most convenient schedule for their attendance.

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Usually permanent training materials are merely copies of the training materials used for implementation training that are retained for use by new employees. If a significant future training requirement is identified, these materials can be modified to reflect experience gained in conducting the initial training. A common change is deletion of any references to the prior system in the materials, since these would be irrelevant to a new employee.

¤ Evaluate the implementable module's computing resource consumption.

¤ Evaluate the implementable module's ability to meet pre-defined scheduling requirements.

¤ Evaluate the user's use of the operational documentation.

¤ Correct the deficiencies in the operational documentation.

¤ Evaluate the effectiveness of the implementable module's training program.

¤ Evaluate the usability of the products of the implementable module in the operational environment.

Retrieved July 6, 2009, from Implementation Web site: http://www.cse.wustl.edu/~cdgill/courses/cse533/project_impl_II.html

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