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dissertation proposal

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Sadia Hussain        BSc BIS         Dissertation




The aim of this project is to investigate what are the impacts of multimedia CD Packages for autistic children

This project provides an insight to what autism is as well as analysing and evaluating multimedia Packages that are designed for autistic children.  The assignment also provides an insight to what autism is as well as looking at the user interface designs of these multimedia packages to see in what manner the designers implement areas so that they best suit autistic children. Two importance areas of this project is come up with a possible solution my self in a form of a design of a product and appropriate literature.

The main purpose for a multimedia package for autistic children is so   that they are able to adapt and relate to a cyber environment in a way that that can help stimulates their learning capabilities.  However;

“The debate over the use of computer technology with children with autism is continuous and ranges from the very optimistic to the very cautious”.

[Plienis & Romanczyk 1985]

Autistic children have difficulties in communicating with people and relating to them in a meaningful way.  It has been recognised by professionals that autism is four times more common in boys than girls and knows no racial boundaries.  A families earnings, their lifestyle or even how educated they are, has no effect on the chances of it happening over a whole spectrum.

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Contact image08.png

User and send


Carry out image09.png


Analyse  image03.png

Interviewee results

Do secondary

Research image10.png

(Internet, Books,





Research and

Make notes


Write up draft



Write up

Final report

Included with

All the info and



Hand in dateimage05.png

(4th may)

Autism / Autistic Spectrum Disorders

How can ICT benefit students with Learning Difficulties?

ICT facilitates social interaction and communication between two pupils working together.

- ICT assists with the production of high quality, well presented documents.
- ICT can offer pupils privacy in their work, others may be less likely to see their failures. ICT can offer an opportunity to accommodate differing learning styles.
- ICT can assist pupils in learning to be independent.
- ICT affords learners the opportunity to work at their own pace.
- ICT is non-judgmental and allows pupils more control of their own learning.
- ICT can allow some pupils to be gainfully employed while the teacher works with the rest of the class.
- ICT can motivate pupils to making a greater effort and can provide pupils with extra practice required to master basic skills.
- ICT gives pupils instant feedback to their responses.
- ICT can provide pupils with a safe environment to work in.

How is ICT used by teachers of students with Learning Difficulties?

For pupils with Learning Difficulties, ICT can help in the areas of:

Computer Assisted Learning:
A wide variety of programmes are available - tutorial software, drill and practice, problem solving, adventure games and simulations which the teacher can integrate into various curriculum areas.

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The location of the computer in the classroom is very important. Locate it close to the teacher's desk, facing away from other pupils to avoid distractions and facilitate the teacher with monitoring the pupil's work on the computer.

Multi-media personal computers are shipped with speakers. This is not the best solution for using the computer in the classroom. Headphones offer a better solution. For pairs working together, many hi-fi shops will sell a splitter jack that will allow you plug two sets of headphones into the computer. However, make sure that you buy stereo jacks as mono jacks are also available and you might end up with no sound in one side.

To keep a check on the pupil's use of the computer, set up a monitoring system with a pupil sign-in sheet or a checklist to be ticked off at the end of the session.

Establish a timetable or roster to prevent a pupil staying on too long at the computer. The next pupil(s) won't forget to remind you.

A zip lock bag can be taped to the side of the monitor and used to store headphones neatly when not in use.

Teach pupils a basic understanding of how the computer works. If pupils can sort out minor difficulties when something goes wrong themselves, this builds confidence and makes them more independent.

Be careful about matching the level of difficulty of any task to the pupil's ability. If a task is too difficult or too easy, the pupil will lose motivation.


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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our University Degree Information Systems section.

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