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HND business decision making

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Surrey County Council is considering the refurbishment and re-opening of the Spectrum leisure centre in Guildford. They wish to improve the facilities and services they offer with the customer in focus.

Spectrum leisure centre will be improved in various places based on customer and public opinion.  The needs of potential and existing customers are at the foremost of the refurbishment project.

The basis of this report is that Surrey County Council need primary and secondary research to be conducted on various aspects of the project. Customer and public opinion of the centre is needed to judge what areas are in most need of improvement.

The work will be carried out by local builders and building contractors. Research will be needed to find appropriate ones for this project.

The aim of this report is to ensure the Spectrum Leisure Centre is number one in its market and ensures that it is ahead of its competition and ready for the future.

This report will consist of procedures, findings and conclusions.


This report is for the attention of  Surrey County Council. The report is about the planned refurbishment of the Spectrum leisure centre situated in Guildford. The report will  be presented to the Spectrum Committee on 18th January 2007.

Surrey County Council requires research about the customers of the Spectrum leisure centre before commencing refurbishment. The report will cover issues such as what facilities need to be offered, the prices to charge, the hours to open and the likely demand.

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When asked where improvements to the centre were most needed, the response was a little varied. The mode result is joint better ten pin bowling facilities and the gym/spa facilities. When asked why, the overall opinion was that the gym was too small to accommodate people, and that ten pin bowling was undesirable, old fashioned and other places were nicer.

Out of the twenty people questioned, 50% selected £3 to £6 as there spend per visit.  40% chose £6 to £10 as their average spend per visit to the Spectrum centre. When asked if they would be prepared to pay more if the centre was improved, 60% answered yes. Also 13 of 20 people said that they would visit the centre more if improvements were made. This suggests visitors are prepared to pay this amount currently and more if work takes place. Graphs of the above results can be seen in appendix 3

One question was the rating out of ten for each main facility offered in the Spectrum. By using measures of dispersion I analysed these answers to find out the deviation. Full analysis is show in appendix 4. In summary the results showed ratings given about swimming facilities were most consistent and aerobics ratings least consistent. This finding mainly shows that rating given to swimming findings were more or less the same compared to aerobics ratings having varied and different opinions. Using this concept it shows all the ratings showing a low standard deviation number have had consistent answers given and show a majority representative figure.

These figures were then calculated using quartiles and percentiles.

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In the final section of this report, a summary and conclusion shall be reached. From the research gathered, the information shows various

From the primary research gathered and all the data analysed, it is conclusive to say that the gym and bowling facilities are the areas most in need of improvement. From the surveys produced, they were rated as the top two facilities in need of improvement. Using all methods of analysis, it showed that the data collected for these two activities had the least variations and most consistent all the way through.

13 of the 20 people interviewed would visit more regularly if improvements were made. This shows that an increase in numbers using the centre would rise if the centre would carry out improvements.

Pricing based upon the research shows that 60% of people interviewed are prepared to pay more than the average of £3 to £6 once improvements have been made. This means that a small increase in prices could be applied to admissions once alterations have been completed.

Builders and building contractors should be short listed with the most local and ones with shortest estimated times selected first. They should then be interviewed and further shortlisted by preference and other specifics.

If all of the above is taken into consideration, the Spectrum Centre should prosper from the changes.


Dransfield R et al (2004),

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Appendix 1 – Completed survey/ questionnaires x20

Appendix 2 – Results from completed survey/questionnaires

Appendix 3 – Graphs of data

Appendix 4 – Measures of dispersion

Appendix 5 - Quartiles, percentiles and interquartiles

Appendix 6 – Correlation coefficient

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our University Degree Statistics section.

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