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University Degree: Information Systems

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  1. ANALYSIS OF THE INTERNET POLICY FOR GREEN SCREEN SOFTWARE Presented to Executive Management Group of Green Screen Software

    A research group called "Advanced Research Projects Agency", working for the American Department of Defense, was researching on the communication between computers and within networks, the developed ARPANET is the basis for the internet we know today. Since then, a endless number of inventions took place. The Computer Industry Almanach Inc. estimated that the number of worldwide internet users will top one billion people in 2005. Lead by the United States, several developed countries are mentioned as countries with high internet usage, Canada had about 20 million users at the end of the year 2004.

    • Word count: 3710
  2. This report will cover the aspects of applying the principles illustrated in Ciscos Gigabit Ethernet Campus Design whitepaper to the network in Middlesex University. There will also be discussions focusing upon the chosen WAN technology

    example of how clients (PC's) are connected to a hub Gigabit campus switches offer users the chance to build an extremely high performance networks, high reliability and with the ability to make self-management implementations makes it easy to manage and maintain. A hierarchical design known, as Multilayer design will be the conceptual approach we shall take for the Middlesex University Network. A typical hierarchical network design includes three layers: > Core Layer > Distribution Layer > Access Layer Starting with the Core Layer, this is a high speed switching the backbone which is designed to switch packets with minimum latency.

    • Word count: 1214
  3. What are the legal requirements for ensuring information security relating to business organizations? How can these legal requirements for ensuring information security be met in typical modern companies? Explain your answers with reference to practical examples from your own knowledge and experience wherever possible.

    Generally all jurisdictions make provision for protection of data,[10] etc. and then provide for offenses.[11] Steps to be taken to meet these legal requirements The first step is for the company to determine what the general and specific legal requirements are for its sector and for its jurisdiction[12]. For example the compliance requirements for a company in the health sector or financial sector in the United States or Europe may be different for each of those companies. The company then reduces it into a policy framework that is implementable within the company.

    • Word count: 1086
  4. You will see from your reading that the EU considers cybercrime as a very serious issue for business, in and between Member States. What do you see as the main potential threats posed by the widespread use in modern business of information technology and databases of personal information? How can the law be extended to protect against these threats without stifling technical innovation and business activity more than absolutely necessary?

    From a business perspective, forgery and fraud, as well as intellectual property breach, should both pose reasons for concern. E-commerce is reliant on building consumer trust, which would undoubting be breached if consumer data is leaked, shared or misused5. Hackers getting hold of sensitive information, setting off viruses and attacking consumer's data privacy, may not only significantly harm an organisation?s reputation, but may result in significant financial loss and compromise of sensitive information6. Breach of intellectual property, which is on the rise7, might on the other hand result in the organisation's material being misused without recognition, potentially having significant impact on competitive advantage and ability for first mover advantage.

    • Word count: 736
  5. Why are governments so concerned about the use of cryptography in digital communications? What kind of laws and regulations have they brought in to try to deal with their concerns? How far do such efforts threaten the privacy that organisations need for conducting legitimate business?

    What kind of laws and regulations have they brought in to try to deal with their concerns? The Wassenaar agreement3 acts as the principal document on the encryption software export control regimes around the world. Its guidelines base restrictions on the key length of symmetric cryptographic products, and allow the free export of mass-market cryptographic software which complies with such provisions. OECD Guidelines for Cryptography Policy4 focus on trust, free choice and market-driven development of cryptographic methods. They promote the fundamental protection of privacy and personal data, lawful access to cryptographic keys and the need for a clear liability for cryptography users and service providers.

    • Word count: 726
  6. Why has database security become such an important issue for companies these days? What are the key principles that should form the basis of a corporate strategy for information security?

    Through database security a company ensures the protection and security of systems, media and facilities which process and maintain information vital to its operation[1]. This is the reason for the increased importance to this issue by many corporations. In an effort to protect vital information which would be within the systems of these organizations database security over the years has become more stringent. With information such as personal details on employees, customers, and other individuals, their financial information or transactions, trade information, e-mails; videos, software, and loads of other information if access by the wrong persons can be detrimental to that individual and the organization also.

    • Word count: 527
  7. Organisational Information Systems. In this assignment I have chosen the accounting department, I will be discussing key work process within this department and the software that is used for these processes

    Figure.2 Figure.2 shows that each system has different characteristics, as each stage has different responsibilities and carries out different purposes to ensure the end target is reached. So at the TPS stage there is a high number of employees where as at the EIS stages there are fewer employees, the same way at the TPS stage According to Z.Hussain (2009) decision making is more of a routine and is repetitive and at the strategic level it is more of a one of decision and is focused more on the user.

    • Word count: 4826
  8. Internet Privacy and Security

    There are also so many potential invasions of privacy while spending time on line. Some invasions are clandestine and simple and may never consider them a concern. While online shopping and social networking sites seem to have the most potential with breaches of privacy, even surfing the web opens the door for certain types of invasions. Shopping online poses several threats with the most prominent are credit card number theft or even identity theft. There have been many breeches in corporate network security that have made the evening news announcing that the company?s server or system was hacked and personal information and credit card information was compromised.

    • Word count: 3127
  9. IT Project - Over the last month we have researched and planned how Bear Bar can make the jump into the information age

    We will install one computer system at each of the company owned studios, one for each senior manager and will have one extra as a backup. We also decided to purchase a higher end computer for Mariam that would support digital media and graphics, as well as a color printer for her. We will need to begin purchasing these system and getting them installed in each location as this is a precursor to all the other steps we will need to take.

    • Word count: 1436
  10. Facebook and its Multimedia elements

    Other than that, in social networking sites we can post photos, share links and exchange other information as mentioned earlier. Social network has applications (apps) that has it own unique, the examples are business application, gaming application, music application and more. MAIN BODY FACEBOOK Facebook is the most common used social network site and used international wide . Facebook is owned by Facebook ,Inc which is private. The founders of Facebook are Mark Zuckeberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.

    • Word count: 2244

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