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University Degree: Software Engineering

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  1. Programming Concepts. Andora Video is a small shop selling videos. The owner, Raul, wishes to develop a sales transaction processing system. The main objective of this system should be to display the total price of the sale after discounts, tax e.t.c.

    The IDE used was the Open Source NetBeans software version 6.1 for Windows Vista. Testing is carried out on all versions and any errors corrected and explained. Evaluation is carried out at the very end of this document, and suggestions are made on possible improvements that can be made to the program. A user guide in the format of a PowerPoint is provided separately for the final version of this project. GUI (GRAPHIC USER INTERFACE) If there is sufficient time, I aim to put the following GUI interface design into my program in order to input the data.

    • Word count: 3756
  2. MS Office solutions. Fantasy mobiles require: An excel spreadsheet with two work sheets; Inventory & Monthly Sales GUI to update stock quantities on the first worksheet GUI to calculate total and average sales of a

    Therefore it is not considered a suitable solution for storing large amounts of data from a wide range of sources. Most of the office applications have an integrated Visual Basic Editor (VBE), allowing the effortless creation of user-friendly forms. Much like the Microsoft Visual Studio environment, objects such as textboxes and command buttons can all be added by dragging them on to a form from the objects toolbar. It is the same concept as VB.NET, whereby the code is automatically generated and then modified.

    • Word count: 4479
  3. 3SFE518 Computer System Organisation - Piping

    Lets call these two pipes, np1 and np2, where np1 is the connection from the client to the server. In the program running on the server terminal, the pipe np1 is opened in the read only mode. Thereby, allowing it to read the information being sent by the client terminal. In the program running on the client terminal, the pipe np2 is opened in the read only mode so the information being written by the server can be read by the client.

    • Word count: 501
  4. 3ISE517 Internet Application Programming - CGI

    For example, when searching for an article on the web, the results are generated based on the search words entered by the user. Such web pages are known to be generated dynamically. Being able to produce output based on what the user has produced, makes web servers much more interactive. In these situations, the server would actually have to process the information and generate a page to send back to the user based on request. Web servers achieve this by the use of the Common Gateway Interface.

    • Word count: 2237
  5. 3SFE504 - Object Oriented Programming - Linear and Independent Hash Table code

    const; //display the list contents void printList() const; private: Definition* head; //points to head of list }; #endif List.cc //List.cc #include "Definition.h" #include "List.h" #include <iostream> using namespace std; //constructor - initialises empty list List::List() { head = NULL; } List::~List() { Definition* current; Definition* i; i = head; while (i != NULL) { current = i; i = i->getNext(); delete current; } } bool List::isEmpty() const { return head==NULL; } void List::insertH(string definition) //inserts node at head { Definition* n = new Definition; n->setDefinition(definition); n->setNext(head); head = n; } void List::printList()

    • Word count: 4853
  6. Complete Section 2 of 3

    If you were wondering how does the applications perform I would refer you to the most effective qualifications. They help track time off, PTO, most recent promotions. Other performance options are: * pay grades and positions held, * training received, * disciplinary action / reviews * individual employee information * management and significant employee progression plans, and * potential client identification What is the hardware platform? What is the operating system? Any other system used prior will be discarded. Since your development system is collected of various components that work together to provide services I would like to introduce a reliable operating system.

    • Word count: 867
  7. Complete Section 3 of 3

    list the names of the source and header code files that will contain your implementation, (2) list the classes and functions that will appear in those files, saying whether each class or function is declared or defined in that file, and (3) list the associations (for example, inheritance, ownership, reference counting, etc.), between the classes and describes how each association will be declared. An information system is an integrated collection of software components. Components can be tested individually or in groups, or the entire system can be tested as a whole. Testing components individually ensuring that a final product is closer to completion..

    • Word count: 786
  8. Rich Internet Applications

    2.0 Concepts 2.1 RIA explained and contrasted This concept section has been written in order to explain the following points * To compare and contrast approaches to building RIAs. * To describe and illustrate a Distributed Rich Internet Application. * To evaluate the latest industry developments and emerging RIA technologies. Rich internet applications are web applications that now incorporate in retrospect features that current desktop applications have. Rich Internet applications abbreviated as 'RIA' require a web browser for access to the content unlike a desktop application.

    • Word count: 3510

    Introduction Computers have changed the way we do things. From the way we conduct our business to the way we live in our homes. Computer penetration has reached an all time high. Internet penetration is also at its record highest. A survey estimates that there are more than 1.5 billion cell phones around the world. Computers are revolutionizing every part of our lives. Computers are now infiltrating our homes. Ideas like ubiquitous and pervasive computing have garnered a lot of interest in the past few years.

    • Word count: 3464
  10. software basics

    This is now replaced by tutorials and help files which can be updated online. Support tends to be better because suppliers are able to cope with higher support costs. Small software may go out of business or be taken over by larger companies who may decide not to support the existing software. Upgrade paths: software frequently needs to be upgraded, sometimes because of necessity and to iron out bugs or include some new features. An upgrade depends on the original supplier still being in business, so any outside supplier of software should be carefully chosen.

    • Word count: 1306
  11. software program specification and code for a DVD store

    DVD_list genre_types Display "Please enter your type:" Accept input of choice Switch choice 1: Display requested output 2: Display requested output 3: Display requested output 4: Display requested output Default: Display "Wrong DVD genre, please re-enter choice:" choose_option do display_options Display "Please enter your choice:" Accept input of option switch option D or d: call DVD_list O or o: call order_calc Default: Display "You have entered an invalid option." While (option is not E or e) DATA TABLE Identifier Type Description Choice int User choice of genres Number int Number of copies Totalcost Double Total cost including VAT DVDcost Float

    • Word count: 1861
  12. Creating a database system for Mr Azizur Rahman, Mr Bilal Sheikh and Mr Iman Ahmed who are part of their own computer-upgrading business, called N.E.T

    He explained that because of their studying commitments they do not have the time to build their own database system. N.E.T basically works as the middleman. Information s gathered by then on what the customer requires, then they order the appropriate components and build or fix the customers computer. In the current process the members have to record customer details, the problems they have with their computer and what they want the computer to perform, these details are at the moment recorded on paper-forms (see next page).

    • Word count: 14908
  13. Critical Evaluation of a Multimedia Application

    On help screen (which is one help screen throughout the application) explains, how each letter pronounce by a voice message. When user clicks the Quit button a message box will displays and ask user to confirm the action. One of the common feature of the application is every action is speak out by a voice message and every object is highlighted on mouse down event. Quality of the audio and graphics used in this application below the standards comparing other applications in the market.

    • Word count: 898
  14. LabExperiment2Report

    The primary key column(s) must be declared NOT NULL, to maintain the integrity of data which is entered in the primary key column. A NULL values is treated by mathematically operators, such as average, like any numeric value. These functions operate on the NULL without any problem, but produce an answer which has a value NULL. (4) The following are the entities that will be tested for normalisation, using the 1NF, 2NF and 3NF: SUPPLIER (CODE, NAME, CONTACT, ADDRESS 1, ADDRESS 2, POST CODE, TOWN, PHONE, FAX). INVENTORY (ITEM_CODE, STORE_LOCATION, QUANTITY). 1st Normalisation Form (1NF)

    • Word count: 622
  15. Critique: An Approach to Software Product Testing (CarlosMunoz) Submitted by: - Abhishek Das (2003002) During the development of a software,with a special look at the always growing complexity of the softwares, themanagement of the quality of the s...

    This is where the author has successfully gelled in the concept of correctness measurement. He suggests the use of various tables based on defects and percentage successful of various functions in different products. Interpretation of tables of the type used by the author leads us to draw various inferences about the possible errors and narrows down the scope of search. The measures tell us clearly whether software should be approved or not. For example a table that tells the percent successful of each function used in product can suggest widely different things.

    • Word count: 1173
  16. Setting up Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to simulate projectile motion.

    In fact, for calculations concerning short-range projectile motion, air resistance can be totally disregarded, but calculations concerning real life long-range artillery would need to include a compensation factor to make up for this loss of momentum. The only force acting on the projectile during its flight is the constant downward vertical force caused by gravity of 9.8 N. Formulas used. U = Muzzle Velocity (velocity that projectile leaves the gun, measured in meters per second [m/s], in this case Muzzle Velocity is always 400m/s )

    • Word count: 752
  17. The History of Software Industry.

    On 26th June, 1998, the members of China Software Industry League gave the press conference to declare the R&D and distribution of management software. At present, the main characteristic of the China management software is the total and integrated management to the cash flow, logistics and information flow of the enterprise. From the structure of the software, the every model of the software must be integrated and then can show its performance to increase managing level; from the function of the software, it does not only include financial management, salary management, payable account management, fixed assets management, purchasing management, sales management, inventory management, but also include the cost control and HRM.

    • Word count: 940
  18. Programming a calculator in Delphi.

    The first thing I need to do is get the simplest form of a calculator up and running: a calculator that can add, subtract, multiply and divide. This in itself can take some time, but once I have accomplished this then I have a firm base from which to expand and include further features. My main aim (apart from getting it to actually work!) is to make the programming as tidy and efficient as possible. Instead of having messy, hard to read code, I want to try to make the code progressive and easy to follow.

    • Word count: 4712
  19. I have been asked to design, implement, maintain and evaluate a website for the I.T, Computing and Office services department in Filton college. The website will be based on the course VCE ICT and is to be established on the Filton college Intranet.

    I would like some information on the lecturers on there as not to scare any future students. 4. If possible a map of the area could be handy to a lot of people, including me. 5. There should be some information on any progression routes out of college into work. 6. Finally, just make it easy to use, as the students will give up on it if it doesn't get anywhere. 7. Two types of user can be identified in this project- the owner of the web site and anyone who visits the site.

    • Word count: 2521
  20. This report is to describe the process I went through to create a 3D model of a chosen object and to animate it using 3D Studio Max software.

    The television was firstly chosen but was then deemed slightly dull, the mobile phone was next to be chosen but I could not seem to get anywhere at first while trying to create it. So then came the laptop, my own laptop seemed the most sensible to model. The decision to measure it's every dimension was the first step, thinking that this would give it an extra edge of realism. Displayed below are the laptops dimensions which would be very slightly adjusted during creation: Base: 32.5 cm Width, 27 cm Length, 3 cm Height.

    • Word count: 3182
  21. Test Thrice, Launch Once: Arian 5 disaster.

    * On-board computer received from SRI a diagnostic bit pattern, which it tried to interpret as a flight data. The reason why on-board computer could not switch to the back up SRI was that it already shut down for the very same reason as active SRI. And, of course, it would. It was running the very same software as an active SRI. * After receiving a fault report from the SRI, on-board computer considering that to be a proper flight data and realising an unexpected course change, sends a command to the solid booster nozzles and the main engine nozzles, to deflect into the utmost position.

    • Word count: 1652
  22. Operations in a shuttle loom

    There are three frames for odd warps and three frames for even warps. The second operation is known as picking which is basically weft insertion. This is where the weft goes through the shed. A shuttle is used for picking which keeps going from one side to the other side of the fabric through the shed. The edge of the fabric is known as the selvedge, which is very strong, which is important so the fabric does not become frayed. There is a bristle inside of the shuttle, which stops the yarn becoming loose.

    • Word count: 488
  23. A Report On Software Quality.

    Software quality is real. The challenge lies in measuring this intangible feature, so that it can be controlled and improved. And the smart thing to do when measuring intangibles is to take more than one approach and see if they converge. One approach to measuring software quality is to count the number of defects at each stage of testing and divide by some measure of size, like thousand lines of code, to arrive at the defect density. This tells us how well the software is meeting the precise specifications against which it was designed.

    • Word count: 1288
  24. Human Computer Interaction Project.

    No more paying for films or developing. The digital camera allows you to view the pictures you have taken, to select which ones you actually want to keep and to print them off in your own time and in your own home. 2. Description of the device. Retailers of digital cameras claim that they are every bit as straightforward and easy to use as conventional cameras. That even the most novice user could look like an expert within a short period of time.

    • Word count: 16745

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