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University Degree: Software Engineering

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  1. software basics

    This is now replaced by tutorials and help files which can be updated online. Support tends to be better because suppliers are able to cope with higher support costs. Small software may go out of business or be taken over by larger companies who may decide not to support the existing software. Upgrade paths: software frequently needs to be upgraded, sometimes because of necessity and to iron out bugs or include some new features. An upgrade depends on the original supplier still being in business, so any outside supplier of software should be carefully chosen.

    • Word count: 1306
  2. software program specification and code for a DVD store

    DVD_list genre_types Display "Please enter your type:" Accept input of choice Switch choice 1: Display requested output 2: Display requested output 3: Display requested output 4: Display requested output Default: Display "Wrong DVD genre, please re-enter choice:" choose_option do display_options Display "Please enter your choice:" Accept input of option switch option D or d: call DVD_list O or o: call order_calc Default: Display "You have entered an invalid option." While (option is not E or e) DATA TABLE Identifier Type Description Choice int User choice of genres Number int Number of copies Totalcost Double Total cost including VAT DVDcost Float

    • Word count: 1861
  3. Critique: An Approach to Software Product Testing (CarlosMunoz) Submitted by: - Abhishek Das (2003002) During the development of a software,with a special look at the always growing complexity of the softwares, themanagement of the quality of the s...

    This is where the author has successfully gelled in the concept of correctness measurement. He suggests the use of various tables based on defects and percentage successful of various functions in different products. Interpretation of tables of the type used by the author leads us to draw various inferences about the possible errors and narrows down the scope of search. The measures tell us clearly whether software should be approved or not. For example a table that tells the percent successful of each function used in product can suggest widely different things.

    • Word count: 1173
  4. Test Thrice, Launch Once: Arian 5 disaster.

    * On-board computer received from SRI a diagnostic bit pattern, which it tried to interpret as a flight data. The reason why on-board computer could not switch to the back up SRI was that it already shut down for the very same reason as active SRI. And, of course, it would. It was running the very same software as an active SRI. * After receiving a fault report from the SRI, on-board computer considering that to be a proper flight data and realising an unexpected course change, sends a command to the solid booster nozzles and the main engine nozzles, to deflect into the utmost position.

    • Word count: 1652
  5. A Report On Software Quality.

    Software quality is real. The challenge lies in measuring this intangible feature, so that it can be controlled and improved. And the smart thing to do when measuring intangibles is to take more than one approach and see if they converge. One approach to measuring software quality is to count the number of defects at each stage of testing and divide by some measure of size, like thousand lines of code, to arrive at the defect density. This tells us how well the software is meeting the precise specifications against which it was designed.

    • Word count: 1288
  6. The aim of this report is to outline what exactly are GNU and the free software foundation.

    The GNU project is not limited to just operating systems, it provides a whole spectrum of software. This includes application software and recreational software such as games. They also provide software for people who are not computer experts to help beginners use the GNU system. The Free Software Foundation is a tax-exempt charity that is also the principal sponsor of the GNU Project. They rely on support from individuals and last year over 67% of their operating funds came from individual donors rather than money from corporations or grant-making foundations.

    • Word count: 1329
  7. We are required to develop a new version of a widely used word-processing software for an international organization.

    RAD model emphasizes extremely short development cycle. 2. The project is not that large and complex. 3. Software can be properly modularized- And RAD is a component based software model. 4. Each major function can be addressed by a separate RAD team and then integrated to form the whole software. 5. Customer's requirement states that new generation version is needed- RAD uses the latest fourth generation techniques for the development of a software. 6. Time factor is the main concern. Because of the reason that dead lines are quite tight and the competition is intense, RAD would be the most suitable approach for developing the software.

    • Word count: 1062
  8. Comparison between documents collected from three different organisations.

    The purpose of 'A' is an application form for entering a university. Both 'B' and 'C' are recruiting staff. Although the basic formats of all three forms are similar in the way there are questions presented to the reader, the reader then answers the questions in the space provided. The layout and context are very different in each. Colour Schemes of the Application Forms At first glance 'A' stands out the most this is due to the effective colour scheme used. The colour blue is used as the headings for each sections; questions are in red and the answers to be given in black.

    • Word count: 1181
  9. Describe and discuss the structure of attitudes and how attitudes are acquired.

    The two-component models show the attitude structure as being more complex than the one-component model. The two-component model agrees that there is an evaluation of the object or situation for which the attitude is being placed on, but it also suggests that there is an internal predisposition that effects this evaluation either positively or negatively. This internal information may change the original evaluative response and create a somewhat different attitude towards the stimuli. The next step up from the two-component model is the three-component model of the structure of attitudes. This uses the same concept of the internal predisposition affecting the attitude, yet it breaks this down into a more detailed view.

    • Word count: 1650

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