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University Degree: Software Engineering

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  1. 3ISE517 Internet Application Programming - CGI

    For example, when searching for an article on the web, the results are generated based on the search words entered by the user. Such web pages are known to be generated dynamically. Being able to produce output based on what the user has produced, makes web servers much more interactive. In these situations, the server would actually have to process the information and generate a page to send back to the user based on request. Web servers achieve this by the use of the Common Gateway Interface.

    • Word count: 2237
  2. I have been asked to design, implement, maintain and evaluate a website for the I.T, Computing and Office services department in Filton college. The website will be based on the course VCE ICT and is to be established on the Filton college Intranet.

    I would like some information on the lecturers on there as not to scare any future students. 4. If possible a map of the area could be handy to a lot of people, including me. 5. There should be some information on any progression routes out of college into work. 6. Finally, just make it easy to use, as the students will give up on it if it doesn't get anywhere. 7. Two types of user can be identified in this project- the owner of the web site and anyone who visits the site.

    • Word count: 2521
  3. "Automatic model transformations using extended UML object diagrams in modeling environments".

    The output can be documentation, source code, net list or any other model created by the user. The problem relies on the automatic translation of problem domain1 to the target domain. Few solutions to this problem do exist and the evaluation of these methods is the other focus of the paper. The author also introduces his solution and introduces the concept called 'domain mapping'. RELEVANCE TO LECTURE TOPICS This paper discusses the issue of output generation from object diagrams. Our software engineering course structure does not have any explicit module in output generation. Since creating object diagrams is a substantial part in the process of the out put generation, the following are related topics.

    • Word count: 2285

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