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The agile software development process called Extreme Programming (XP) is a set of best practices which, when used, promises swifter delivery of quality software than one finds with more traditional methodologies. At ThoughtWorks they have adopted a modified version of XP that has been tailored through their experiences to suit a large project. It was included many aspects such as XP on a large project(ATLAS), recognizing and responding to “Bad Smells” in extreme programming, Extreme Programming and Database Administration, one of the most time-consuming and unfulfilling activities in testing is coding and maintaining test objects(ObjectMother Pattern).

1. Introduction

Thoughtworks, Inc. is a Chicago-based system integration and consulting company of around 300 people. They specialize in building demanding business applications using technology that is both new and strategic for the industry. They also work on complex business applications that usually require stitching together various components and augmenting these components with complicated and changing business logic. They’ve done a lot of work in the leasing industry, which is not known for simple and logical contractual agreements.

The particular examples here will explore are J2EE development project, Database Administrator (DBA) or DBA team, ATLAS, ObjectMother Pattern, which switched to an extreme programming (XP) process after a more traditional approach proved ineffective. These projects consisted of a 50-person team, about 30 of which were developers, working over a three year period. The application being built was a comprehensive enterprise resource solution for the leasing industry, including all aspects of accounts receivable, asset management, and contract terminations. Especially instance is J2EE project, the present code base consists of well over 500,000 lines of executable code, with very little of it remaining from the earlier development effort using a different process. They have been members of the project team for over two years, and the examples present in this report were directly experienced in the day-to-day tasks performed during that time. Although XP proved to be a more effective and successful software development process on this project, which we learned and wish to show on this report is susceptible to making “wrong turns” that could prove to thwart a team’s ability to deliver quality products in a timely manner.

2. Recognizing and Responding to “Bad Smells” in Extreme Programming

In this part, it describes a large software development project that used a modified XP approach, it was identified areas of trouble in the entire life cycle, including analysis, design, development, and testing. For each practice which identify, it will discuss the solution implemented to correct it and , more importantly, examine the early symptoms of those poor practices(“bad smells”) that project managers, analysts, and developers need to look out for in order to keep an XP project on its swifter track.

2.1 Smell

Dividing development into “story cards” the way we did last time (with success) is no longer successful.


With each new development iteration, rethink whether the procedures used in the previous iteration are still appropriate.

2.2 Smell

After product deliveries following early iterations, the customer has no complaint, but during the late iterations, the customer complains about many things from all iterations.


The customer must be “coached” sufficiently to provide honest and substantial feedback from the very beginning of the development process.

2.3 Smell

When the story cards are written and analyzed, the responsible party for a card feels that he or she cannot be sure all functionality has been accounted for in the functional tests developed for that card.

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For complex applications, provide the development team with some synoptic “picture” of the whole that promotes a holistic understanding of the place each story has in the total application.

2.4 Smell

Everyone says that all of the story cards were finished at the proper times, but it still takes 12 more weeks of full-time development effort to deliver a quality application to the customer.


Create a precise list of tasks that must be completed before the story is considered “finished”, and then police it rigorously and honestly.

2.5 Smell

Incrementally producing several instances of like objects since we ...

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