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Swimming times

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Niall Cottrell 10S                Statistics Coursework

Statistics Coursework- Plan

I am going to be basing my course work on swimming time, I am using swimming times because all of the data is continuous so that it is easy to work with and allows simple and easy collection of primary data.

I am going to find out the following things:

-Are men faster at swimming than women?

-Does the amount of people from a certain club in an event affect the speed of       the people in that club?

-How drastically does the age of a swimmer effect the time of the swimmer?

-What is the relationship between the entry time and finishing time of an event?

For the question, are men faster at swimming than women? I will need information and data on the following. The times of both men and women in the same event. For example, a list of 30 times taken at random from the men’s 100m backstroke and a list of 30 times taken at random from the women’s 100m backstroke.

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I will need to use line graphs and possibly scatter graphs to illustrate my data. For the calculations I will used the average.

The hypothesis for this question is going to be: "The more popular a club is the faster the times of its swimmers are." I am proposing the hypothesis in this way because for a club to become popular it needs to produce good swimmers.

For the question, how drastically does the age of a swimmer effect the time of the swimmer, I will use the following to illustrate my data; scatter graphs and line graphs. Calculations necessary to use to process my data are average/mean and spearman’s coefficient.

The Hypothesis for this question will be: “the age of a swimmer drastically effects the time of the swimmer in the way of them being faster the older they get.” For this question I will need to get data from two of the same events but use two different age categories.

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Hypothesis 3

For this hypothesis I am going to collect data from two different events of two different sexes and use two of the same age groups to collect the data from both events. For example men’s 50m backstroke and women’s 50m backstroke and then collect data from two different age groups e.g. 14-16 and 17-19. By doing this I get a wider range of data to compare, I will have men’s and women’s time and the times from two different age groups. Once I have collected the data I will process it into the necessary calculations and graphs.

I will collect my data by random sampling as before and use the random sampling method by generating a random number on my calculator etc. as before. Once I have collected the data I will put it into appropriate tables so that it is easier to process.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our University Degree Statistics section.

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